Welcome to the League of Aroden

Welcome to the League of Aroden’s blog. This is the home of several Organized Play lodges in Central and Northeast Missouri, and West Central Illinois. Here you can find the very first Pathfinder lodge in the state of Missouri down in Columbia, the Absalom Lodge Conclave of Quincy, Illinois; Gryffyn Flight in Hannibal, and the Emerald Goblins Guild of Northeast Missouri in Kirksville. We are in the process of onboarding a new lodge representing the Monroe City/Shelbina area and doing preliminary work for a lodge in Peoria, Illinois.

The League of Aroden was created in 2018 following the conclusion of QuinCon 33. There had been a Pathfinder lodge in Quincy a few years earlier that shut down when the leadership abruptly stopped participating in the campaign. There was still a strong player base in the area who wanted to play in the campaigns though which is why we had a very strong turnout at QuinCon 33. Several players began to kick around the idea of starting a lodge in Quincy. Due to the lack of interest in doing so by members of the local gaming guild, when the new lodge did begin, a decision was made to create a larger organization for the region which was then called the League of Aroden. The goal of the League has always been to promote the Pathfinder and Starfinder universal campaigns so that players in our predominantly rural area could connect, share information, and play together in various locations.

The League of Aroden is all about Paizo’s Organized Play campaigns. These consist of Pathfinder Society, Starfinder Society, and the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Here on this website, we want to provide our players and GMs with the information and tools they need to participate in these campaigns. You can think of this site as sort of a one-shop website for all things PFS and SFS. If we don’t have some information you need, please let us know so we can get it added to the site in the appropriate spot. Here you can find information on each Organized Play campaign, each lodge, our regular events, local conventions, opportunities to play locally and online, special events, news and product releases from Paizo Publishing, and so forth. There are links to our Discord server, various Warhorn pages, character builders, campaign guides, rules errata, access conditions, and even to articles in the League of Aroden blog that explain special features of Organized Play such as Achievement Points and so on.

The League of Aroden also seeks to promote the viability of the Friendly Local Game Stores in our area. Whenever possible, the League arranges with these stores to play our sessions at the stores on regularly scheduled times, often weekly, biweekly, or monthly. We recognize the role the stores have in our community and for us, so we seek to support the stores through our gaming at their locations. Here are some of the advantages you experience through the League of Aroden.

  1. AWESOME PLAYER EXPERIENCE – We seek to deliver as awesome a player experience as we can at every table. This is our hobby and we enjoy it. We want you to enjoy it just as much as we do. The best way for that to happen is to make having fun our main goal.
  2. NO TABLE FEES – The League of Aroden never charges a table fee for any of our events. The venue may charge a fee and some do, but we ourselves do not.
  3. GM TRAINING PROGRAM – We have a GM Academy program which we offer annually to train our GMs to be better at what they do. Our League officers are required to GM regularly to hone their craft and have the opportunity to consult with a 5-Star/Glyph GM privately. Two of our Venture-Officers have extensive experience in GMing and have earned multiple Stars, Novas, and Glyphs. They too are available to consulting our GMs. Several of our GMs have already earned their first 2e Glyph and are working steadily toward their second one.
  4. VENTURE-OFFICER CADRE – Every lodge has a Venture-Officer with a higher ranking VO to report to in the chain of command in order to resolve any issues that come up. The VOs are tasked with following the rules of the Organized Play program so that your gaming experience is consistent throughout the League, and therefore throughout Organized Play itself globally.
  5. COMMUNICATIONS – We maintain this blog, several Facebook pages, Warhorn sign-up pages, and e-mail lists for each lodge. We try to notify players well in advance of our events and offerings. We make the rules and information available to everyone so that they can learn about the game and participate at the level they prefer.

For those of you who are looking to participate in either PFS or SFS, and are looking for more information or maybe someone to contact about where and when games are at, you have come to the right place! Here on this page down below you will find a Google Calendar of our various activities throughout the League of Aroden lodges. If you look up at the toolbar on this page, you will find an listing for our League of Aroden Lodges. Hover over that and you will trigger a dropdown menu that shows all of our lodges. Click on the lodge you are interested in and you will be taken to their page on our site with more information about the lodge and its Venture-Officers. There will be contact information there. Or you can simply e-mail us at leagueofaroden@gmail.com and we will respond to you.

Thanks for dropping by! Check out the blog posts for current news and drop us a line in the comments section to let us know how you are doing!