The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Welcome to the website for The League of Aroden! I hope you enjoy what you see and find what you seek.

What is The League of Aroden, you say? It is the vehicle for organizing and coordinating Pathfinder Society roleplay in the area that I unofficially represent Pathfinder Society in. Instead of being an isolated oasis of a PFS lodge, your lodge is part of a greater whole which I call The League of Aroden. For my purposes, it prevents repetition of information. For Pathfinders, it helps them find games in their area.

What is the purpose of the League’s website? My goal is to provide information to players and GMs so that they are not left without resources when they have questions. A quick look at a map tells you that the area I represent is pretty large. Like you, I too have a job and so cannot be everywhere at once (come on, Powerball!). This website serves as a warehouse of information that I’ve accumulated over time and that I wish to share with others.

Also, the various lodges in the area are united via the Lodge. Monthly events are advertised here as well as local game play. If GMs want to announce their own home games through this website, they are more than welcome. Finding players for events and campaigns is always a challenge.

Right now, the site is under construction. More information is incoming as I organize it and install the pages and links.

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