Gryffyn Flight! is Launched!


The inaugural Pathfinder Society session for the Order of the Goldyn Gryffyn has taken flight! Last night, Wednesday, June 27, 2018, five players and a GM gathered around a table at Java Jive in downtown Hannibal and launched a session of The Wounded Wisp. With that session, the newest PFS lodge in Missouri was officially born.

Congratulations to everyone who played and survived! It seems that a good time was had by all and the consensus was to do it again. So we will do it again in July. The lodge is also making plans to set up a monthly event to be held one Saturday every month. The goal is to launch that in September. The last weekend of September is the target so as not to conflict with Labor Day, the monthly Columbia event, and the convention in Rolla. Busy month!

Please spread the word about the Order and have people e-mail so we can get people on the e-mail roster. When we get more people, we can expand our tables at our events and offer more variety for everyone.

Again, congratulations to the players who launched Gryffyn Flight! and welcome to PFS!

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