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Quin Con 33 - Wisp 2

Action from Quin Con 33!

It was a great convention in Quincy this past weekend! A lot of gamers old, new, and of an undetermined (or highly disputed) age category materialized for three days of gaming fun. A lot of of PFS/SFS was played and a great time was had. I was thrilled to meet friends I made last year and to make new friends this year.

I don’t have the official count yet, but I think we had 28 tables make with more than 70 players. What I do know is we had more tables and players than last year. I want to extend a thank you to Steven “Cyd” Ingram and Alex Hoskins for organizing the PFS/SFS events at the conventions and for all the work they put into it with GMing and admin. At the same time I want to say thank you to everyone who ran a session at the convention. One of our biggest concerns was getting enough GMs and you all put those fears to rest. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who played PFS/SFS! You all came and made all the work everyone put into this worth the time. Lastly, thanks to Rob Cook and the rest of the Quin Con organizers for putting the con together. Without you none of this would have happened.

Quin Con 33 - Thornkeep 1

I wasn’t the oldest person at the table for once!

One thing that is developing as the result of this convention is a plan to have a monthly gaming session at the Quincy Mall if they are willing to allow us to use their facilities. Talks are underway to make that happen. As we get news we will let you know more. As it stands currently, we are looking at October for the first event. We are hoping to have at least 4 tables across 2 time slots at the event with more possible depending on interest and signups.

Meanwhile, down in Columbia, Missouri, we have scheduled the next PFS Smackdown for August 18th. We are planning for two tables and have the ability to add a table in each time slot if enough players sign up. The Warhorn for this is at:

Quin Con 33 - Wisp 1

Was Fimbrik home?

The Order of the Goldyn Gryffyns held their second Gryffyn Flight! on July 18th at Java Jive in downtown Hannibal. They have not decided on when the next Flight will be as vacations are impacting the schedule as well as the beginning of the school year for both professors and students alike.

Quin Con 33 - Thornkeep 2

Look at the wall! Ambrus Valsin wants you to play PFS!

More on PFS/SFS play in the area as things develop!

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