September News for the League of Aroden


The new Season 10 Faction Journal Cards are available for use by all players. You can download them for free at Faction Journal Cards. Let’s put them to use!

September Events

We have two events scheduled for the Valhalla’s Gate players and the Absalom Lodge players. Based on the Warhorn sign-up page and information sent to me via e-mail, both the sessions for the September 8th event in Columbia, Missouri at Valhalla’s Gate have five to six players. Depending on sign-ups we may have a back-up table available.

September Valhalla’s Gate Warhorn Sign-up

The Abasalom Lodge of the Great Rivers Gaming Guild will have its next event on September 29th. We are still lining out the scenarios but we have the Warhorn sign-up ready. Both PFS and SFS events are being offered.

Please make sure you have your Warhorn set to the CST time zone. There have been a lot of issues all around the world because Warhorn has its default settings at PST which is two hours later than the Midwest. I’ve seen this create problems for the Pathfinder Online folks as well as every venue in the nation.

Columbia event times are 11 AM and 3 PM.

Quincy Events are 12 Noon and 5 PM.

More on event support will be coming in future news! Enjoy rolling those twenty-siders!

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