Absalom Lodge September Conclave Report!

jim phone 039
I think the GM is trying to win!

We held the second Absalom Lodge Conclave yesterday and had a good sized crowd. The PFS table in the first slot played the first scenario from the latest season, Year of the Ten!

jim phone 038
What do you mean it has reach?

This table had four players playing their very first Pathfinder session!

jim phone 040
Let’s put the characters with the highest AC in the back.

Despite the GM’s best attempts to roll crits and wipe out the party, the players all survived and lived to play another day!

jim phone 043
In space no one can hear you say, “Smile for the camera!”

The first Starfinder table had a full crew for their mission. I’m pretty sure Alex was telling them they had just ran into the Nostradamus.

jim phone 042

The Great Rivers Gaming Guild was also playing a game at the Conclave.

jim phone 044
He  caught us not using dice!

Several people also were playing a game that didn’t involve dice and that I have been repeatedly asked nicely not to make fun of. We’re still glad they came to the Conclave (let go of my arm, Heath!).

All in all, we had 2 PFS sessions, 2 SFS sessions, 1 Great Rivers Gaming Guild table, and 2 tables of a game that shall not be mentioned. There were 30 people playing at the various tables and a few others dropped by to say hello. This is almost double of what we had at the first Conclave in August. Several others could not make this Conclave due to schedule conflicts, work, or emergencies.

We are making plans for the October Conclave. Tentatively we are looking at October 27th and the same time schedule. Table GMs for two PFS sessions are already preparing their scenarios. For the first time, we will be presenting a session of the Pathfinder Playtest with updated errata so people can get an idea of how the Second Edition of Pathfinder will be like. Also, we are considering having a costume party at the Conclave for the players. More on this as we develop the Conclave!

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