We came, we saw, and we played PFS!

I bet he rolled a 1!

Saturday was a PFS Smackdown at Valhalla’s Gate! We had two full tables of players and a lot of fun.

They’re smiling. I don’t Melvin has killed enough characters yet.

This was the wonderful somewhat Halloween themed scenario 8-06 Reaping What We Sow. It is an awesome scenario.

Bill is looking up super duper top secret information so he can slaughter the characters at will (he always rolls too low…except when his monsters are attacking my characters. Then it’s an auto hit for high damage.

The players at this table were enjoying one of the 96 different combinations that are possible in 08-07 Tome of Righteous Repose.

I think Kurt is getting ready to attack something. He’s got dice in his hand and it’s over the dice tower.

Fortunately for us, no one died in the first two sessions, nor did anyone in the second session despite my attempts to inflict great pain on them. We all had a lot of fun and enjoyed a great day of Pathfinder Society.

Our next Smackdown is November 10th at Valhalla’s Gate! Come on and join in the fun!

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