November PFS Smackdown!

Season 10 debuts at Smackdown this month!

Our monthly PFS Smackdown will be Saturday, November 10th at Valhalla’s Gate. We have multiple sessions in two time slots as usual. Sessions begin play at 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

Segang Expedition First up is 06-08 The Segang Expedition. It is a 1-5 Tier session. At the same time we will offer 10-01 Oathbreakers Die which is also a 1-5 Tier. If we have enough players we will offer one of the 1-2 Tier Evergreens.

Let’s test the Play!

In our 3:00 PM time slot, we will be offering the very first look at the current evolution of the Pathfinder Playtest conducted at PFS Smackdown. The session is one developed to test the Playtest under Pathfinder Society’s structure. It was built for level 1 characters. We will have pregens available for it, but players can make up characters using the 1.5 version rules. The latest update is 1.6 which are going to roll out on Monday may be a bit of a short time to implement them fully, but players may certainly do so. The idea is to test the game out.

A player has graciously added the altered rules to the pdf of the Playtest rulebook and you can access it at Playtest Rules 

These rules will auto update to 1.6 when the player updates them next week. That 1.6 update is supposed to be fairly large and will impact a lot of class features which is entirely in keeping with the evolving nature of the Playtest itself. This has been an exciting Playtest and the feedback from players who are playing with the rules as they evolve is definitely helping to create a pretty solid second edition of Pathfinder. This session gives you a chance to experience the Playtest and to help shape the future of Pathfinder and Pathfinder Society!

If we have enough players, we can offer a regular PFS session as well or if there is not enough interest in the Playtest, we will then offer a regular PFS session in its place.

Please sign up on PFS Smackdown Warhorn and we hope to see you on the 10th!



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