Report on November PFS Smackdown

PFS Logo - Year of Factions Favor

We held the November PFS Smackdown on the 10th. Two tables of players were in the first slot and we had one table in the second slot. We welcomed another new player to the Society as well. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the game play. You all have to remind me!

We will have the next Smackdown on December 15th at VG. Right now, I’m excited because two of the Pathfinders are going to run their first PFS sessions in December for us. They will be running Evergreens in the 1-2 level tier, one is each of the time slots. We will also offer another PFS scenario in each time slot. These Evergreens are good opportunities for new players to experience the Society for the first time as well as for experienced players to start up new characters.

As we close this year out, let’s prepare for some great times in 2019. Society play at VG has been terrific this year as attendance has grown. It’s been a pleasure to play and run games with everyone, and I am looking forward to even more fun next year. We are taking the steps to get boons for players and GMs through programs Paizo has available. Pathfinder 2nd Edition is coming in August and the Pathfinder Society will see changes when it happens for play in that edition. But make no mistake, we will also continue offering Pathfinder 1st Edition games for a long time. We all have characters we love to play, so we want to give everyone a chance to play them until they retire.

Who knows? Maybe we can do a Seeker run at some point. I do know I plan to offer some Bonekeep sessions next year and even a Thornkeep session or two. We will begin offering Pathfinder 2nd Edition in August. Starfinder is always a possibility if players want to set those sessions up. The main thing is to enjoy playing a game together. So let’s cap off a great 2018 in December and carry on some great roleplay in 2019!




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