Absalom Lodge Holiday Conclave Report

December C8December C7

Our Holiday Conclave took place on Saturday, December 1st and we had about 30 players show up for seven tables of gaming fun. We put posters on the windows of our storefront and a lot of people stopped to look at them. A few people even took some of the flyers that were made for interested and potential players.

PFS Flyer Ezren Conclave

PFS Flyer Seelah Conclave

Even better, we had six new players at our Society tables!

December C1

Here we see a session of Starfinder being ran by Stephan Ingram. I was told that no characters were thrown into the vacuum of space or died in any way during this session unfortunately.

December C4

Pathfinder players smile for the camera shortly before triggering a Summon Monster III trap which summoned a Dretch Demon from the Abyss to confront them. Not going to mention any names, but a certain half-orc warpriest spent most of the combat retching in the corner of the room after failing a saving throw while a female gnome sorceress failed a Will save and went screaming in terror out of the room. Their failures left the rest of the party in dire peril as the demon attacked them.

December C3

Ray ran a session of The Dark Eye at this table. Looking at the maps, they were probably in a scenario where it was winter in Adventuria.

December C2

Another session of the Witcher RPG underway! I think I’ve heard The Witcher is going to have a TV series coming out next year.

December C6

The Starfinder players were having entirely too much fun, so Mall Security was summoned to make sure that Stephan was trying to kill the characters. I think he was cited for Being Nice to Players.

December C5

Shh! Don’t tell David Gilbert we’re reading the scenario over his shoulder!

The turnout was great. Thanks to everyone for coming and playing and running sessions. Based on the numbers of players we’ve had over the last few Conclaves, we are looking at offering two Pathfinder Society sessions in the first slot of the January Conclave and maybe in the second slot as well. A lot of that will depend on player sign-ups when we get closer to the event.

Our next Conclave is January 26th, 2019. We want to start 2019 off with a great Conclave and look forward to seeing you there!

Finally, I will toot my own horn. This was PFS Session #100 for me which means I qualify to be a 4 Star PFS GM. Only 50 more sessions, 8 specials, and a supervised session to go for that 5th Star just in time to start working on the PFS 2.0 rankings in August!

4th Star!


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