PFS Smackdown Holiday Edition!

I think Seoni found a new use for that strand of lights!

It’s Christmas time here in Missouri as well as time for the December PFS Smackdown at Valhalla’s Gate! We will be meeting on the 15th with our usual start time of 11 AM for the first session and 3 PM for the second one. This month is a bit chaotic due to a lot of things taking place every weekend, but that’s normal for December.

We’ve got two new GMs running sessions this month. I say new, but they’re experienced Pathfinders who have volunteered to enter the ranks of the GM and earn chronicle sheets for their characters this way. Both will be running Evergreens in the 1-2 Tier which makes this a great time to play a new character. I will be running the very first PFS scenario, 00-01 Silent Tide, that was offered so long ago for anyone who wants to play a different character in the 1-5 Tier.

We are not sure of attendance at the Smackdown this month due to the impact of the holidays on everyone’s schedule, so please bear with us as we try to plan this month’s event. If those who are coming would please sign up on our Warhorn page it would really help us plan the sessions. If we only have enough people for one table in each slot, the sessions will be the Evergreens. So please have a character that can play in the 1-2 range. If you can’t sign up on Warhorn, please e-mail me at to let me know you are coming.

Again, Evergreens can be replayed limitless times with a different character each time. If there are enough players for 2 tables, that’s when we will run Silent Tide.

As always, new players are welcome! These evergreens are great for introducing new players to Pathfinder Society play as well. Let me know if you are bringing a new player to the Smackdown for planning purposes if you can. I know I am bringing a new player to the event this month.

I look forward to seeing you Saturday!

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