PFS Smackdown Takes Flight in February!

pf art

Banning the Undead of Winter from our Smackdown!

Obviously we did not have our January PFS Smackdown as about 15 inches of snow made most roads impassable and closed Valhalla’s Gate for the entire weekend. I don’t know about you all, but I played a few games that weekend online. It was the only way I could play Pathfinder for pretty much the entire month.

Our February PFS Smackdown is scheduled for the 9th. We have planned for four sessions of PFS awesomeness, two in both time slots. You can sign up here at PFS Smackdown Warhorn 

The 11:00 AM slot has 5-21 The Merchant’s Wake and 6-18 From Under Ice.

The 3:00 PM slot has 3-07 Echoes of the Overwatched and 7-01 Between the Lines.

All of these are in the 1-5 Tier. Starting in March we will offer at least one 3-7 tier game as most players now have at least one level 3 character.

For those interested in the upcoming Second Edition, here is a link to Know Direction’s interview with Jason Bulmahn, the lead designer of both Pathfinder 1.0 and 2.0. He discusses what was learned from the Playtest and gives some hints towards some of what we will see in 2.0. Get ready because Paladins are going to be expanded so that every deity will have some version of a holy warrior from what we know so far. I’m starting to get excited!

We still have six months to go before that point, so let’s play some 1.0 which is going to be around for a long time to come and enjoy live table top role playing! See you at the Gate on the 9th!

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