The 2019 Regional Support Program


It is with great pleasure that I announce this. After a long struggle in trying to earn the events in the area the ability to participate in the Regional Support Program for Organized Play, we have finally reached that goal! As of February 1st, 2019, which is the first day of the new RSP cycle, all events at participating locations are now eligible for the RSP. That means both the PFS Smackdown in Columbia at Valhalla’s Gate and the Absalom Lodge Conclave in Quincy through Quincy Hobby Center are participants.

Players have a 10% chance per session played of Pathfinder Society or Starfinder Society of earning a boon to be applied to any legal character they have, not necessarily the character they are playing in that particular session. There are six boons available in PFS and 4 in SFS. Not all boons will be made available at each event. The current plan (subject to change) is to rotate them.

PFS GMs can earn credit towards unlocking three tiers which allows them the right to play a character of an uncommon race which otherwise would not be legal for play. For the 2019 cycle, the PFS race is Dhampir.

SFS GMs can earn credit towards unlocking two tiers which allows them the right to play a character of an uncommon race which otherwise would not be legal for play. For the 2019 cycle, the SFS race is Ursine Heritage.

Key note: Both PFS and SFS GMs can ultimately earn the right to “Share the Wealth” after a certain amount of games GMed which allows them to designate another player the right to play that race as well.

I personally am very excited that we now get to participate in the RSP. The players and GMs in our area can earn boons by coming to play and run games at our local events instead of only being able to win them at conventions. What is really nice is that they can earn boons at our events and also earn boons at conventions.

Even better: The more you play and or run sessions, the more opportunities you have to win the boons. You can go to both monthly events to try to win boons as a player and to build up your credits towards earning the GM racial boons.

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One final note for those who play both live and online. The RSP is similar to, but not the same as what is now available online. The Online Region has a separate program known as the Online Support Program (OSP). The boons are different and so are the races. You can read about this OSP at Online Support Program 2019.

Before you even ask, yes, you can earn the boons in both the RSP and OSP by meeting the qualifications listed in them. I’ve already ran 3 session online for the OSP and am looking forward to playing a couple for the RSP at PFS Smackdown tomorrow.

This program has been made possible by your support of playing live events in our area. Without you, we would not have the RSP made available to us. So thank you for your support and I look forward to many opportunities to roll 20 siders with you in the future! You get your first chance to earn boons tomorrow at Valhalla’s Gate!

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