February PFS Smackdown Roundup

Feb 2019 VG PFS 2
Bill is preparing to battle the players in an encounter

We finally got to play Pathfinder at the Gate in 2019. After being hammered by snow and ice for what seems like forever and a weekend, the crew finally got together and played four sessions of Pathfinder Society at Valhalla’s Gate on February 9th. No characters died, but a few were knocked down and in need of immediate healing over the course of the day’s adventures.

This was our first ever event using the Regional Support Program and four GMs began the trek towards earning the right to play a Dhampir. Only 11 more sessions to go for each. Three players rolled a 19 or 20 on the d20 boon rolls and won a boon! It is so nice to be able to participate in that program so that players and GMs can win or earn something extra.

Feb 2019 VG PFS 1
Melvin is reading something to us that might or might not get our characters killed

We welcomed five new players to the Smackdown. Glad to meet all of you and I look forward to playing with you next month and in the months to come. It was also nice to have two tables in each session. Smackdown continues to grow. We also had another GM run his first session for Smackdown, Caleb “Barlo” Morrow. As we grow, we will always be looking for players to take that step into earning their first GM star and aiming for their 5th down the road.

Feb 2019 VG PFS 3
The wall decor is just so wrong

Our next Smackdown will be March 9th at Valhalla’s Gate. We have four GMs slated to run four sessions at the moment. Current plans call for two Tier 1-5 sessions in the 11 AM slot, and a 1-5 and 3-7 in the 3 PM slot. I will have a Warhorn posted soon with the session information so you can sign up.

Keep in mind that the Absalom Lodge Conclave in Quincy, Illinois is February 23rd. It is a RSP event as well. Also, there is a convention March 29-31 in Rolla, Missouri called Cog Con coming up. Several of us are planning to go. They will be running (I know I will be running a Tier 5-6 table of it) a multi-table special of The Solstice Scar 8-99D at Cog Con in addition to a lot of Season 10 scenarios of all tiers as well as some Starfinder scenarios.

Thanks to all who came and until next month, Explore! Cooperate! Report!


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