March PFS Smackdown awaits you!

PFS Recruiting
Ambrose Valsin Wants You!

As February comes to a close and Spring keeps teasing us that it is coming, the calendar tells us that the March PFS Smackdown is coming up on March 9th!

Yes, that’s right! The PFS Smackdown at Valhalla’s Gate in Columbia is coming up and we are ready with four scenarios for you to experience. The 11:00 AM slot has two 1-5s in it, 3-05 Tide of Twilight (I’m ran it twice and grin evilly every time I do!) and 9-06 The Shores of Heaven (another one I’ve ran which is fun to play).

At 3:00 PM we have 6-22 Out of Anarchy (ran it and enjoyed it) which is a 1-5 and then the first part of a two part series from the current Season 10, 10-05 Mysteries Under Moonlight, Part 1: Testament of Souls which is a 3-7.

You can sign up for these sessions at our Warhorn page. It’s ready for you. Some have already been e-mailing me about reserving space at the tables.

Once again we are participating in the Regional Support Program. GMs earn credit towards playing a Dhampir race character while players have a 10% chance of winning a boon. Three players won boons last month. I’ll have two news boons available at this Smackdown. The only way to get them is to come play Pathfinder Society!

Also, Cog Con Spring Revel 2019 in Rolla is coming up on March 29-31. I know I’m running four games at it. You can sign up for it on their Cog Con Warhorn page.

Hope to see you at the PFS Smackdown on March 9th!

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