Pathfinder Second Edition Ordering Information Announced

Pathfinder 2e CRB cover

We are getting closer and closer to August 1st and the release of Pathfinder Second Edition upon the world. Yesterday, Paizo announced the pre-ordering for Second Edition was now available. They also announced what is available for order, so let’s look at that stuff for a bit. Please note that all of the Pathfinder Second Edition materials will not be available until August 1st. Some of the pre-order stuff shows July dates and that is absolutely false. While there probably will be a few folks receiving their stuff a day or two early due to shipping, Paizo’s goal is for the shipments to arrive August 1st. Also, I would not at all be surprised if they didn’t sell out between the pre-orders and what they’re taking to Gen Con to sell.

First up is a 640-page Core Rulebook. It is available in hardcover and in a deluxe edition. The same for the Bestiary which contains almost 400 monsters to kill adventurers with, er, I mean to slay. Sorry, GM mentality took over. The first volume of the new Adventure Path for 2e, Age of Ashes will be available. A stand alone adventure, The Fall of Plaguestone and a flip-mat for it will be released too. Interestingly, this adventure is supposed to have a direct connection to Dwarven Forge Miniature Terrain Gaming tiles.

For those who are wondering how the lore of Golarion will be impacted by Second Edition, Paizo is releasing the Lost Omens World Guide which is the direct successor to the Inner Sea World Guide for 1e.

Lost Omens World Guide

Finally, four more products are to be released August 1st for Second Edition. An updated 2e Combat Pad, a 2e Condition Cards deck, a 2e GM screen with 2 different covers, and 2e Character Sheet Pack (a double-sided sheet for each class in the pack).

Wow! That’s a lot to release but wait! THERE’S MORE!!! For Pathfinder Society, we are expecting to see four scenarios for the new season of PFS come out on August 1st. As you know, the current Season 10 ends July 31st and that will end the release of new content for the First Edition materials for Pathfinder and PFS. Don’t worry though. We’ll be offering a lot of 1e content for a long time to come. (I’ve still got a Tiefling, a duskwalker, some Tengu, a Changeling, and a Dhampir to play!)

Those of us GMing at Gen Con, they sent out an e-mail with the your tentative schedule. I’m running all PFS Second Edition.

Oh yeah, if you want to get your hands on Second Edition before Gen Con, you either have to work for Paizo or volunteer to be a GM running 2e at Gen Con. You get the rules about a week or two before Gen Con that way. If you run seven sessions you can even get a hardback free, and your hotel room, and your four day badge for Gen Con, special Gen Con only GM Boon, some Paizo store credit (I got $110 last year), and finally, some of those really cool purple GM Volunteer shirts. What are you waiting for?

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