March PFS Smackdown Report!

March 2019 VG PFS 1
I think they’re smiling. Someone didn’t get killed.

Valhalla’s Gate was the setting for another PFS Smackdown on March 9th. Four groups of intrepid Pathfinders risked the lives of their characters as they set out on a task from their Venture Captains on behalf of the Pathfinder Society and the mysterious Decemvirate. Reportedly, all Pathfinders returned having succeeded in accomplishing most of their tasks. A raging fire in an alleged field of belladonna (which was accompanied by a suspicious urge to consume mass quantities of Oreos) resulted in one team only accomplishing their main task.

Two more boons were won by lucky die 20 rollers. Special thanks to Kurt for stepping in to run a session when the other GM came down ill. We’ll miss you next month as you will be engaged in your job tasks. Two more players joined or reupped the ranks of the Pathfinders this month. Good to see both of you!

The next PFS Smackdown will be April 6th in Columbia. Don’t forget Cog Con will be in Rolla on March 29-31. I hope to see as many as want to play there.

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