Quin Con XXXIV is Coming!

Quin Con 33 - Wisp 2
I’m pretty sure I’m laying down a condition card that is not good for Hannah.

Yes my friends, it is that time of year again. Quin Con XXXIV is only four months away! July 19th will be here before you know it. That means I have to ask for volunteers to run sessions and players for what scenarios they want to see. We’re going high tech this year as I rip off the Organized Play volunteer forms and repurpose them for our own con!

I am asking players to fill out this form to let us know what scenarios they want to see at Quin Con. Also, there is a question on it asking players about specials on Saturday, July 20th.

 Quin Con 34 Player Interest

The second form is for GMs to volunteer to run sessions. There is also a question about the specials on Saturday, July 20th.

We need to get the information and start getting things lined up for players to start making plans.
This is not a commitment and does not lock you into anything yet. It is for planning purposes so we can make the best choices to offer what players want to play and GMs want to run on what days in what slots.
Quin Con 33 - Thornkeep 1
Ernie is in storyteller mode and we’re loving it!
Thank you in advance for answering the forms and if you choose to run a session at Quin Con, for running a session. GMs get a discount off the registration fee which I think is refunded at Quin Con (I know they get a discount. I just don’t know the procedure on how it works). I was told by the Con organizer that if you run 3 sessions at Gen Con it will result in your free admission to Quin Con.


Oh yeah, what are we offering at Quin Con XXXIV?

Starfinder and Pathfinder Society! The goal is to offer the latest scenarios from both Societies for your enjoyment. So expect a heavy load of Season 10 from PFS which I personally think is one of the best overall seasons to date. The SFS scenarios will be from the current season as well.

December C1
Cyd is blowing up Heath’s spaceship.

Don’t forget that we are running the Absalom Lodge Conclaves at the Quincy Mall every month. Those of you who want to level up a character or two or ten can do so at the sessions we are running there. See earlier posts for more information. The next Conclave is March 23rd!


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