March Conclave Report

March C11
In Space No One Can Hear the Dice Tumble

We held our March Conclave on March 23rd at the Quincy Mall. This was one of our biggest turnouts yet as we continue to grow. The Starfinder Society had a session in each time slot.

March C4
We’re still alive, but I’m checking the rules just to make sure I can make that roll!

The Pathfinder Society keeps growing as we welcomed a few more new players. They battled their way through the Crypt of the Everflame to defeat the horror at the end.

March C9
Our oracle predicted that tower would fall. She was right! It did fall!

A few other games were also underway during the Conclave. There were several board games as well as another RPG played at various times.

March C3
Come play a WWI scenario

We’re glad to welcome the area’s miniature wargaming guru to the Conclave. Mark is well known for building his own game tables and pieces and has taken them to Quin Con and No Hunger Games over the years. He brought this WWI scenario to Conclave. He also has Civil War and WWII tables with various scenarios. Fans of Bolt Action should be happy to see Mark at Conclaves.

March C1
Yes, your character got hit by the giant frog and took 17 points of damage.

I think our next Conclave will be April 27th. We are not sure if it will be at the same location in the Mall or in the new game room. When we know for certain we will let you know, so like our League of Aroden Facebook page so you can receive breaking news stories about gaming in our local area.

March C10
Cyd teaches the Starfinder crew how to pilot a spaceship…into a sun!

Remember, Cog  Con is this weekend, March 29-31 in Rolla, MO. Check out their Cog Con Warhorn page for more information. I know some of us will be there. Hope to see you there too!

March C6
How many times in a row can you fail your climb check? At least 3 according to Ty.

I love it when new players fall into water filled pits and can’t roll above a 3.

March C5
Teach your children well.

We had a great time and look forward to next month’s Conclave. Hope to see you there!


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