Death in the Infernal Vault

Evil Wins!

Cries of anguish were uttered on two tables yesterday at the April PFS Smackdown as beloved characters met a horrific fate. The day started cheerfully enough as the first tables ran by Barlo and Melvin went smoothly. The parties accomplished their missions, earned both prestige points, and acquired experience for the characters. One young Pathfinder even won a RSP boon! Unfortunately, the afternoon sessions were anything but normal.

The 1-5 tier session got off to a promising start as the four players set out on a quest to explore the Infernal Vault in a session ran by GM Todd “TPK” Bowdish. Somewhere along the way things went awry as the Pathfinders began encountering tough foes. Near the end of the session they encountered a foe that was not the usual inept PFS boss encounter. She summoned a creature that put an end to the Pathfinders’ budding careers. The result was the first TPK of the revived PFS Smackdown lodge since we revived it in 2017.

In the 3-7 tier session helmed by Jim “Dr. No” Dick (Xathos), the Pathfinders picked up where they left off in Part I of the two-part story arc Mysteries Under the Moonlight from Season 10. Ultimately they were successful, but their victory came at a high price as they ran into some fey that used spell-like abilities to permanently blind a party member. Several saves were made and reroll coins were traded in to avoid a bad roll in that encounter.

All in all, it was a great PFS Smackdown as we all had fun. Two new players were welcomed to the Lodge. We set the date for the May Smackdown as May 11th. I’ll have a Warhorn sign up page posted next week when the GMs tell me what sessions they want to run. The next Absalom Lodge Conclave is in Quincy on April 27th and should be in the new game room at the Quincy Mall.

Thanks to everyone who came to play and run games yesterday!

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