The Merry Month of May is a Busy Month of Organized Play!

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May may have 31 days, but it seems really short to me based on the schedule. We have a holiday weekend (wish I was going to PaizoCon! Come on Powerball! Don’t let me down again!) which leaves us only three weekends to play Pathfinder and Starfinder Society game scenarios. Well, you know me. I’ll be playing every chance I get so this month is no exception to the usual pattern.

First off, Questgames Unlimited is having their grand opening on May 4th (be with you) which is this Saturday at the Quincy Mall. At least two GMs will be there for several hours offering interested players an opportunity to play some PFS quests from of the replayable PFS scenarios. These are short quests that last an hour or less. You can play as many of them as you like. These are perfect for people who want to see what Pathfinder is like, but don’t want to spend several hours playing on the spur of the moment. They are also perfect for you to introduce your friends and family to Pathfinder with.

08-Quest Honor's Echo09-1610-16

So if you want to play some PFS quests, come on over to the Mall and play some. If you want to introduce somebody to Pathfinder, this is a great way to do that.

On May 11th in Columbia, Missouri PFS Smackdown will once again be underway! Several sessions are being planned. I know Hall of the Flesh Eaters and What the Helms Hide will be ran there. I’m still waiting on the GMs to tell me what they will be running before I post the Warhorn link.

Finally, on May 18th the Absalom Lodge will hold its monthly Conclave at the game room of Questgames Unlimited at the Quincy Mall. As soon as I know what is being ran by who I will post that information.

Don’t forget MallCon is in June. I’m thinking about running the Beginner’s Box demos for that while some others run regular PFS and SFS scenarios.

QuinCon 34 is in July and we are planning the sessions now. We will have a PFS and a SFS special if everything works out. Right now we are trying to gauge interest and when we will offer them. If you wish to comment on this, by all means let us know what you want to see ran. I’m pretty sure one special will be on Friday night and the other will be Saturday night. Which one will be when is still unknown. Let us know what you want!

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