Let’s get Ready to Rumble at the May PFS Smackdown!


We are a week away from the May 11th PFS Smackdown at Valhalla’s Gate in Columbia, Missouri! We have four sessions planned for your gaming fun on that Saturday, so clear that date and come on over to the Gate with your dice and characters. If you don’t have dice, I’m pretty sure the Gate will have some available.

06-06 Hall of the Flesheaters1-3909-1610-16

As you can see from the scenario covers, we have some pretty interesting choices for May. Hall of the Flesh Eaters is one of the best scenarios ever written for PFS in my opinion. It is also the first of four scenarios dealing with the legendary pirate, Sempet Sevenfingers. The conclusion of that story line will be ran at Quin Con 34 in July.

The Citadel of Flame is an older scenario from Season 1. (EDIT: We will not have Citadel of Flame this month. Instead, we will feature the Evergreen scenario 6-10 The Wounded Wisp which is replayable for Level 1 characters. It is a 1-2 tier scenario.) It’s a fun one, but we want to fill Hall first and then Citadel. The Fallen Family, Broken Name is a quest scenario from Season 9. What the Helms Hide is a quest scenario from Season 10. Both of those are part of the quest line of scenarios where the scenarios are broken into multiple quests. These are useful for teaching new players the game and also in time limited situations. We are running these to familiarize everyone with them for use in upcoming recruiting drives and for use by prospective GMs.

You can sign up for these at our Warhorn page.

I just submitted a list of 30 PFS/SFS sessions to the QuinCon 34 team to list on their Warhorn site. We have two specials at this year’s QuinCon after not having any for a few years due to scheduling problems. The PFS special this year is 8-99D The Solstice Scar. It is a multi-table session which for this convention will have four tables in the level ranges of 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8. Tables of players will work together in overcoming the encounters while also racing to see which table can accomplish their tasks first. Tables will have the opportunity to send each other aid when the going gets rough. We will run this special in the July 20th afternoon slot at QuinCon. We really want to make this happen and to be successful, so please sign up to play if you plan on coming to QuinCon 34.

We’ve already planned the next PFS Smackdown. It will be on June 1st at the Gate. Also, we are having the May Absalom Lodge Conclave on May 18th in Quincy, Illinois. As I said in a previous notice, it’s going to be a busy summer and we will have a lot of chances to play PFS in the League of Aroden’s area as well as online.

You Want PFS? We Got PFS!

May  4th – Questgames Unlimited Grand Opening in Quincy, Illinois. Quest Scenarios

May 11th – PFS Smackdown in Columbia, Missouri.

May 18th – Absalom Lodge Conclave in Quincy.

June 1st – PFS Smackdown in Columbia.

June 15th – Free RPG Day in Columbia.

June 21-23 MallCon in Quincy.

June 29th Absalom Lodge Conclave in Quincy.

July 6th or 13th PFS Smackdown in Columbia

July 19-21 QuinCon 34 in Quincy.

August 1-4 GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana

August 10th (tentative) PFS Smackdown in Columbia….PFS Second Edition sessions!

And of course we’re playing and running PFS sessions online every day!

Don’t forget to check out Know Direction for all kinds of PFS and SFS information!





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