Conclave Craziness

Intimidated Cameraman
Warning: Pathfinder Society game play will intimidate picture takers!

We had two great sessions of SFS and PFS yesterday at Questgames Unlimited in between raiding the miniatures which were on sale. I need a new minis case as I filled my 64-mini case and then some. New players were welcomed to our ranks! That’s always great!

Stephen ran a fun game of 1-32: Acts of Association. I may level my technomancer yet! After that, some new players arrived and we had a thrilling footrace in 8-18: Champion’s Chalice, Part I in which the GM beat up some players as always, but failed to kill any of them.

Next month, we will run our monthly Conclave in conjunction with MallCon at the Quincy Mall. We will have 2 sessions of SFS and 2 sessions of PFS (one will be Part 2 of the Champion’s Chalice!) on Saturday, June 22nd. You can sign up for them at the MallCon 2 Warhorn page. We will not run a separate Conclave Warhorn page for June so we don’t have confused players.

Right now we are going to offer PFS Quest 8-1 Honor’s Echo and PFS 8-22 The Champion’s Chalice, Part 2. Please note that the first session begins at 11:00 AM

08-Quest Honor's EchoPathfinder Society Scenario #8-21—Champion's Chalice, Part 2: Agents of the Eye (PFRPG) PDF

In July, we will be at QuinCon 34! Right now we have 32 tables (16 PFS and 16 SFS) on the QuinCon 34 Warhorn page. If you want to play, the sign up is open right now! If you want to GM, let us know and we will see what’s available.

QUICK NOTE: We are running two multi-table specials on Saturday, July 22nd. The afternoon special is PFS 8-99D: The Solstice Scar D and the evening special is SFS 1-99 The Scoured Stars Invasion. We want to make sure we fill both specials before filling up other PFS/SFS game sessions in those slots. Please consider playing in both specials and we will see how sign-ups for them go.

Don’t forget that the Columbia PFS Lodge will be hosting their PFS Smackdown on June 1st in Columbia, Missouri. Four sessions of PFS will be offered beginning at 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Once I know what we are running, I will post it here.

See the source image

Finally, GenCon needs GMs. Event registration kicked off today and they filled the PFS2 special (two time slots and 582 seats) in the first hour. Most of the higher level PFS1 stuff filled as well. A lot of the PFS2 slots were filling up last I looked. They will reallocate GMs to the needed slots in a few weeks before sending out schedules, but they need GMs for PFS2. If you can GM high level Seeker content for PFS1 I’d bet you’d get slots as well. Right now, PFS2 GMs are supposed to get the stripped down CRB on June 28th so they can go over the rules. If you ran 7 slots you’d get a 1/4 hotel room (you share with 3 others), some store credit (I got $110 for 8 sessions last year), Volunteer T-shirts, a print product, the 4 day Gen Con Badge (about $120 worth), and I think something else like an in game product (probably bonus Achievement Points for PFS2).

Information and Sign up forum post on

Seems like a lot of demand and a bad combo of 3 rules sets, a shortage of GMs, and the first time offering of PFS2 is creating a “perfect storm” of scheduling issues. However, keep in mind they do change the schedule to meet demand after a week or two, so I expect to see the sessions in slots with low sign ups to shift GMs to higher demand slots and sessions.



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