Report on June PFS Smackdown

June smackdown 1
They’re winning! Just look at those smiles!

We had a great time at Valhalla’s Gate on June 1st. Players and GMs gathered for yet another monthly Smackdown and clobbered plenty of Pathfinder monsters and NPCs. Boons were won and passed out as well.

June Smackdown 2
The Dice are with thee!

There will be some more gaming action at the Gate on June 15th which is the annual Free RPG Day. Several of our GMs will be there running quest scenarios. As soon as I have a confirmed schedule I will let you know, but this seems to be more of an event sponsored by Valhalla’s Gate. We hope you come down to play some Pathfinder Society as the sessions will count for credit.

Meanwhile in Quincy, the Absalom Lodge will be at Mallcon 2 on July 22nd.

The next PFS Smackdown will be July 6th at Valhalla’s Gate.

QuinCon 34 is July 19-21st. We are running the last Solstice Scar

Pathfinder Second Edition is coming! I will run two sessions of the new PFS scenarios on August 10th at PFS Smackdown and August 24th at the Absalom Lodge Conclave in Quincy.



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