MallCon 2 Report & Upcoming Events


Looks like we had some fun at MallCon on Saturday. We got two tables of Pathfinder Society ran and one table of Starfinder Society. Everyone had a blast. We even got to run the Free RPG Day module, “We Be Heroes?” That was absolutely awesome. I am so looking forward to running Second Edition come August. The lore in the module was really good and connects both editions quite well.

July and August are going to be some fun months of Pathfinder and Starfinder Society games. First up will be PFS Smackdown on July 6th in Columbia, Missouri at Valhalla’s Gate. We have four sessions of PFS planned right now. I will have a post up on it shortly.

The main attraction of July of course is QuinCon 34. This is the con before THE CON! We’ve got a great line-up of PFS and SFS sessions for you to play.

QC34 Pic
Sign up now!

You can sign up for QuinCon 34 sessions at its Warhorn page. We’ve got plenty of people wanting to run sessions, so sign up and if we need more GMs, we’ve got them.

The merry month of August will see something new: PATHFINDER SECOND EDITION!


As soon as I get back from Gen Con I will be running two sessions of PFS2 in Columbia at the PFS Smackdown on August 10th. We will have PFS1 sessions there as well.

Meanwhile in Quincy, I am going to host my birthday party on August 24th and run two sessions of PFS2. It’s kind of special for me as I normally do not do a thing for my birthday, but after surviving a heart attack last year right after Gen Con I am pretty grateful for the opportunity to celebrate another birthday! I am going to get a cake and maybe have a donation thing for the American Heart Association (that’s still under discussion) to bring awareness to heart attacks.

So, as you can see the next two months are going to be pretty fun. I will see about running more PFS2 sessions in August based on demand, but content is going to be a bit short for a few months plus we will have other GMs wanting to run sessions of it too. Once a few modules hit the market and we have some scenarios built up we will have plenty of content and we also will have PFS1 and SFS to play as well. So really, we’ve got a lot of great gaming ahead of us for a long, long time. Let the D20’s roll!

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