It’s Time for QuinCon 34!!!

Quin Con

That’s right! We’re coming up on the third weekend of July and that means it’s time for QuinCon! This will be the 34th time we gather in Quincy, Illinois to play a lot of games. The QuinCon organizing committee has assembled a big list of games for you to play on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (July 19-21) this year. Plus there’s the annual auction which has quite a few things available for purchase with proceeds going to charity.

This year the Organized Play GMs have built a big roster of Pathfinder and Starfinder Society games for you to play and enjoy. The roster of sessions is pretty well set, but keep in mind it will have some minor variations due to attendance and unavoidable issues that may cause a GM to cancel such as illness. For once, we have plenty of GMs, so I am not concerned about players missing out on gaming fun. You will get to play a session unless you’ve just played about everything there is.

Ambrus Valsin Wants YOU!

PFS Recruiting

What we need now are players. Yes, that’s right! We need YOU! We’ve got the sessions. We need you to come play them. We’ve got close to 35 sessions of gaming fun. For the first time in a long time we’ve got not one, but TWO multitable specials for you to play in. We’ve got PFS 8-99D The Solstice Scar D and SFS 1-99 The Scoured Stars Invasion.


You can sign up for any of the games we have available on the QuinCon 34 Warhorn page. Walk-ins are welcome. We will have pre-generated characters for both PFS and SFS available for anyone who needs them. If we need more scenarios for players we will have the various quest scenarios and evergreens as playing options. There is no charge for playing in any of these sessions other than the QuinCon 34 entry fee at the front desk. GMs are coming in from multiple locations to run sessions for you.

There are plenty of hotel rooms in the area if you are staying overnight as well as lots of dining facilities. I do believe is food available on the premises as well. Plus, vendors! Every year we have vendors coming with plenty of things to sell to you!

Where, pray tell is this wonderful convention at? In Quincy, Illinois at the Quincy Senior Center which is at 639 York St. Here’s a map!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s the con before THE CON! Got a character you need to get a few sessions in before you go to Gen Con? Come on over! Need some experience? Need some gold to buy an item or two? Or do you need some Prestige and Fame? Come earn all of it here at QuinCon 34!

Rumor has it we might even be sliding in some sessions of the Playtest module We Be Heroes? which sets up Goblins as a player race in Pathfinder Second Edition as well as gives you a special boon to use on your PFS2 characters starting August 1st.

So come on and sign up for QuinCon 34! We want to see YOU in Quincy July 19-21st.

Kobold and Flea Fight


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