QuinCon 34 Report

Greetings from QuinCon 34!

QuinCon 34 is now in our rearview mirror as we move forward towards the launch of a new edition next month.  But first let’s review our own local convention and see how our Organized Play is doing in the Quincy region. For the second straight year we had a good bunch of sessions for both PFS and SFS. We ran more SFS than PFS for the first time and had more sessions scheduled than last year. Unfortunately, we ended up pretty close to the same number of players as we had 157 total seats filled at the con which is six less than last year.

The really good news for us is that most of the cons across the US have suffered a significant decline in attendance and a lot of that has been attributed to many players not wanting to play until Pathfinder 2 comes out due to the negativity generated by some disgruntled players who are upset about edition changes. For Org Play to stay so close to last year’s numbers, especially when Adventurer’s League was also well represented for the first time in years, bodes well for our future.

The GM’s fireball goes here!

We had a great time putting the Org Play portion of the con together. We had plenty of GMs for both systems available, so anyone who wanted to play got to sit down and play. We did stumble a bit with the attendance for the specials as we barely made the minimum tables for both. Next year both specials will be in the 7 PM time slot with one on Friday and one on Saturday. On the other hand, we ran two specials which hasn’t been done at QuinCon for quite some time.

We had some great attendance from the St. Louis and Columbia areas as well as attendees from Rolla and Iowa. We’d like to thank everyone who came to play and GM sessions. Without you, this would have been a wasted effort. We look forward to doing this again next year.

All tables are reported on Paizo.com. I got them in on Wednesday, so I don’t know if those sessions made it before they pulled data for PFS1 replays. That’s out of our hands. What I do need is for GMs and players to double check their sessions to make sure I have their information reported correctly. I had some problems with ID numbers and sessions with no titles. I put everything in the way it was presented to me with a few guesses due to what was written down. If a correction is needed, please e-mail me at leagueofaroden.com and I will make the corrections.

For now, here are the upcoming events for the League of Aroden area.

August 1-4 Gen Con in Indianapolis (PF2 debut)

August 10th Columbia, Missouri – PFS Smackdown Warhorn Sign-Up

August 24th Quincy, Illinois – Absalom Lodge Conclave Warhorn Sign-Up

September 7th Columbia, Missouri – PFS Smackdown

September 20-22 Rolla, Missouri CogCon Fall Revel

September 28th Quincy, Illinois – Absalom Lodge Conclave

As always, we look forward to rolling D20s with you at these events!


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