Introducing the Year of the Open Road


Finally, Pathfinder Second Edition is arriving at locations near you. Beginning August 1st at Gen Con and then a few hours later all across the world, game stores will begin to sell Pathfinder Second Edition materials. Of course, if you’ve already ordered them they might very well be in your hands as you read this blog.

Pathfinder 2e logo

Now that you’ve gotten your PF2 Core Rulebook, it’s time to play PF2! To help you do that, we’re going to have two sessions of the new Pathfinder Society Second Edition (PFS2) available at the August 10th PFS Smackdown at Valhalla’s Gate. So that everyone can start out on the same foot, both sessions will be the very first PFS2 scenario, 1-01 The Absalom Initiation. This will also help prospective PFS2 GMs get a session in before they begin running in upcoming months. This is a repeatable L1-4 scenario, so everyone can play it.

PFS2 1-01 The Absalom Initiation

Don’t worry! We will still be offering PFS1 scenarios for a long time to come or as long as enough players want to play them. We all have characters we’d like to level up and play L7-11s with along with classic story arcs like Eyes of the Ten. For the August 10th PFS Smackdown we are offering the last scenario in the Quest for Perfection trilogy and the first scenario of the Scions of the Sky Key trilogy.

3-13 Defenders of the Nesting Swallow6-12 On Sharrowsmith's Trail

Sign-ups are now available on our Warhorn page. Pregens are available for all sessions. I just downloaded the pregens for PFS2 and am laminating them as I type this. If you haven’t been checking out the Paizo blog, you really should do so. There’s all kinds of cool information on it. They’ve updated the lore of Golarion to reflect what has taken place in the last ten years. Two of the Runelords are back and ruling parts of Varisia! The Whispering Tyrant has escaped his prison!

Saga Lands

Those of us going to Gen Con in Indianapolis will fill you in on what we saw and experienced. I know five of us are going from the League of Aroden area with four of us running a total of 27 sessions of PFS 1 and 2.

New gaming tables

Not only that, but have you checked out the new game room and tables at Valhalla’s Gate? They posted pics of the tables on their website earlier. They will close early on Saturday and stay closed on Sunday as they set up the new game room. Just think of playing PFS2 on those cool tables August 10th! So come on to the Gate on the 10th and let’s play some PFS!


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