Conclave Roundup

August Conclave
Pathfinder Society Second Edition debuts at Conclave

Saturday, August 24th, 2019 saw the dawning of a new era of Pathfinder Society game play in Quincy, Illinois. We launched the first sessions of Pathfinder Second Edition at this month’s Absalom Lodge Conclave and the players enjoyed them very much. We have also set up a new Facebook page; The Absalom Lodge of Quincy. Request membership and you will be added to the page.

We opened up with a session of 1-01 and ended with a raucous session of 1-02. In the process we celebrated my birthday with a bunch of great cupcakes (Thanks guys!). The players liked PFS2 so much, we have already set up our plans for September’s Conclave.

The next Absalom Lodge Conclave will be at the Quincy Mall on September 28th. The first session is a special Pathfinder Second Edition Character Building Seminar. We will construct at least one PFS2 legal character per player and then the players will run one of those characters in PFS2 Quest: The Sandstone Secret. This way, the players learn how to build characters using the PF2 Core Rule Book and how to apply PFS2 requirements to them, followed by a short session of playing them.

In the second session, we will run 1-01 The Absalom Initiation and 1-03 Escaping the Grave. Players can use the same characters or different ones in these sessions. Note that 1-01 is a repeatable scenario.

We already have the Warhorn page set up for players to sign up for these sessions. Other sessions are possible depending upon player requests and GM availability. To learn more about Pathfinder Second Edition, go to the Resources section of this website and scroll down to the appropriate section. I have placed links to multiple websites to help you out.

Hope to see you on September 28th!

Pathfinder 2e CRB cover

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