September’s Smackdown Summary

September 2019 VG 1
Kurt’s getting into the NPC attacking the party

For the first time since we restarted PFS Smackown in 2017, we had three tables in each time slot! Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy a day of Pathfinder awesomeness. We couldn’t do this without all of you. There were two completely full (and a couple overflowing) tables of PFS2 along with a table of PFS1 in each of the time slots. No characters were killed although a couple did reach Dying 1. A small army of clerics seemed to be present at some tables for some reason!

I think it is safe to say that Pathfinder Second Edition is a pretty big hit for the PFS Smackdown crowd. We actually could have had three tables in each time slot if we had another GM willing to run those tables. I know it is new and we do have players asking about beginning to run PFS2 tables in the upcoming months. As the content pipeline begins to expand over the next few months with two new scenarios and a quest every month along with some of the sanctioned modules and even Adventure Paths, we will begin to have the content we need to expand the number of tables we offer. (Sign up for October’s PFS Smackdown HERE!)

September 2019 VG 3
Yes, he forgot the maps!

Don’t forget, we have 11 seasons of PFS1 content to offer as well. We did not offer very many scenarios beyond the 1-5s over the last two years, so we’ve got a lot of 3-7s, 5-9s, and 7-11s for players to enjoy. We would love to run those scenarios, so players need to let us know what they want to do. One suggestion I have is to simply start running 3-7s instead of 1-5s from now on so that players can use the 3-7 pregen XP and apply it to their characters. Before long they will be high enough level that they don’t need the pregen XP.

September 2019 VG 2
Studying those sheets!

Next month’s PFS Smackdown will be October 12th. Each of the next four Smackdowns will be the second Saturday of the month, so you can go ahead and circle the calendar now. We will try to keep the Smackdowns on that second Saturday from now on to provide consistency for your scheduling. Holidays may interfere, but we will deal with them as needed.

Let’s give a shout out to a local convention which will be September 20-22 in Rolla, Missouri. Cog Con is held twice a year in Spring and Fall. They have a great convention which is just the right size to enjoy a lot of Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Pathfinder 2 sessions along with some other games. Many of the Smackdown players attend it along with players from the other PFS lodges in Missouri such as St. Louis, Springfield, Kansas City, Cape Girardeau, and even from lodges in Illinois, Kansas, and Oklahoma. I had a great time running a scenario for some players from Oklahoma at March’s Cog Con. You can check out their Warhorn page to see what they have on tap. Barb will be happy to add more scenarios if there is a demand for them and a GM to run them.

Two last things! Bill McQuegge is our Venture-Agent for Columbia. He did a fantastic job yesterday in getting players taken care of with numbers and information. If you have questions, Bill can help answer them as well. He’s been doing the job for over a year now and was instrumental in getting Smackdown restarted.

Finally, as many of you know, I have put together a Character Creation Seminar for Pathfinder Second Edition. At October’s Smackdown we will use it to build completely new PFS2 characters that are PFS legal meaning we will go through some of the Guild Guide to do this. I know many players are confused about factions and the free consumables that are part of Second Edition, so we will go through all of it. I’m still editing the presentation, but it’s 90% complete. Once we have built the characters, we will play them in Quest 1 – The Sandstone Secret which is a repeatable. The current plan is to have four tables of players for this. This will be the first slot activity. The second slot will have four tables of PFS2 scenarios. Right now they will be 1-01, 1-03, and 1-04. I want to see how things will go before deciding on the fourth scenario. If we have a lot of new players, then we will offer another table of 1-01.

Sign up for October’s PFS Smackdown now at our Warhorn page!

September 2019 VG 4

That’s all for this month! Thanks again to everyone who came! We hope you had fun and we look forward to seeing you next month!

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I’ve already got the Warhorn page set up for October’s sessions. I’m going to wait and see what interest we have and who signs up before deciding on the fourth scenario.


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