Five Stars

5 Star Table at Cog Con 29

Special thanks to the folks in Rolla and the guys at the table who I ran for on Saturday. It was my 10th Special and Venture Captain game. Combine that with the nine specials I’ve already ran, the 177 Pathfinder Society sessions of which 50 have to be unique scenarios or module or adventure paths (I’m at 104) that I have ran and I met the qualifications to become a 5 Star GM.

It’s been a fun journey getting to this point. I have met a lot of players at my live and online tables in this venture. They’ve supported me when I was getting back into GMing games after a long layoff, when I was really raw with my rules knowledge, and when I missed a month last year when I had my heart attack. While it is a lot of work to run all these sessions over time and earn the rating, nothing matters more than the players at the tables having fun. If they didn’t have fun I would not have reached this point.

Now that I’ve reached this point, I am working on earning the 5 Glyph GM designation. That one requires 150 sessions of PFS2 and all the other requirements of the 5 Star GM designation. I am at 23, so only 127 more to go!

Thanks to everyone who has had a seat at any of my tables over the last three years! Thank you!

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