Monster Mash at the Quincy Mall for October Conclave

PFS2 1-02 The Mosquito Witch

Well, my friends, it is time for that spooky season of the year! Yes, it’s Halloween and this year we are going to be part of the new Quincy Mall Monster Mash on October 26th. This means the game times will be different, but we will still be running games!

Since this month is Halloween, we usually try to set up scenarios that have a scary theme to them. Pathfinder Second Edition has a three that fit this bill so far. As a result, we are going to offer two sessions of 1-02 The Mosquito Witch, one in each time slot. This is a 1-4 tier scenario which revolves around the Society trying to uncover the mystery of the Mosquito Witch. Animals in the area are turning up drained of their blood as clouds of bloodsucking mosquitoes swarm the area as well as other “things” that have a taste for blood. Will you be able to solve this mystery or will you become a victim of the Mosquito Witch?

PFS2 1-00 Origin of the Open Road

At the same time we will also be featuring the first PFS2 scenario to be released for Gen Con 2019. This one is scary in the fact that it is only for Level 5 pregens (I have them) and has a mystery to solve while at the same time confronting some extremely deadly enemies. I ran this at Gen Con and it was intense in some parts. Let’s just say that the death and dying rules were being used and that everybody got a quick lesson on the importance of Hero Points. Characters still died because the players refused to change their tactics from PFS1 to PFS2. Everyone at my table survived, but they used all of their Hero Points and four of the six characters were on the ground when the final monster went down….and that wasn’t the final encounter!

PFS2 1-01 The Absalom Initiation

In addition to these scary thrillers, we will offer 1-01 The Absalom Initiation in the first time slot so that players can test run new characters and new players can learn the ropes of PF2 rules.

1-04 Cries from the Drift

It is said that in space no one can hear you scream. But what about on the bridge of a derelict spaceship where the crew has mysteriously vanished? Where is the crew? Or should we be asking what is the crew? This classic adventure is for Tier 1-4 SFS players.

2-02 Waking the Past

Starfinders are just like Pathfinders it seems. They love to explore things. They love to dig into ancient ruins. Unfortunately, sometimes it is best to let sleeping things lie. Every now and then the Starfinders have to be reminded about that old adage the hard way. I wonder what they woke up this time. Good thing I’m not going to find out. That’s because I’m sending you to find out. Oh, and don’t die in the process. Then again, you might wish you could die instead…This scenario is a 3-6 tier for the SFS players.

Horror Adventures Cover

You can sign up to play these scenarios on the Monster Mash Warhorn page. This one is not the usual Conclave page and the times are 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM for the sessions. We’ve only got one more Conclave left in 2019 which will be the first Saturday of December, the 7th. We merge November and December because of the holidays. There may be some games ran anyway over the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.

Hope to see you on October 26th!

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