Fall is coming to the November PFS Smackdown!

PFS2 Fall of Plaguestone

No, not the fall where we turn back the clocks and watch the leaves fall off the trees! The Fall of Plaguestone is what I’m talking about! As the PFS2 content slowly (ever so slowly it seems) continues to roll out, we are offering the freshly sanctioned PFS2 module, The Fall of Plaguestone at the November 9th PFS Smackdown. This module will take place over both slots and may require a third slot at the December PFS Smackdown to finish it properly without throwing out content. A lot of this depends on the players.

In addition to Fall, we’ve got several more PFS2 scenarios offered and the grand finale of the PFS1 trilogy that Melvin has been running. In the 11:00 AM slot we’re offering the following scenarios for your gaming enjoyment.

06-16 Scions of the Sky Key, Part III - The Golden GuardianPFS2 1-03 Escaping the GravePFS2 1-04 Bandits of Immenwood

PFS1 06-16 Scions of the Sky Key, Part 3: The Golden Guardian (Tier 1-5)

PFS2 1-03 Escaping the Grave (Tier 1-4)

PFS2 1-04 Bandits of Immenwood (Tier 1-4)

PFS2 1-06 Lost on the Spirit Road (Tier 1-4) (no cover image yet)

In the 3:00 PM slot we will offer

PFS2 1-04 Bandits of Immenwood (Tier 1-4) Need a GM for this one!

PFS2 1-06 Lost on the Spirit Road (Tier 1-4)

PFS2 The Fall of Plaguestone will be running in both slots.

You can sign up for these scenarios and the Fall of Plaguestone at our Warhorn page.

We will be leading up to our end of year Smackdown on December 14th.

More PFS2 content continues to roll out every month, so we are going to soon have plenty of content as we expand. Plus, a 128 page module will be out in March of 2020. When that gets sanctioned, we will figure out a way to run it over time at Smackdown.

We do need a GM for the 3:00 slot to run 1-04 Bandits of Immenwood. If you would like to do so, please contact me at leagueofardoden@gmail.com and I will get you set up.

Remember, neither the Lost Omens World Guide or the Lost Omens Character Guide has been sanctioned yet. As soon as they are we will be able to use the sanctioned content for game play. Word on the forums is that the World Guide should be sanctioned sometime in November, but that’s as always a floating date.

Finally, we do have a new Discord channel available to help with communications. Some of you have already signed up for it. If you want the link ask and I’ll get it to you. Unfortunately, it is one of those things where the link expires in 24 hours. Hopefully I will get that made permanent before too long.

See you in November!


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