Spread that Holiday Cheer! It’s time for the Holiday Conclave to end the year!


The end of 2019 is fast approaching and with it comes our annual Holiday Conclave! Since we usually have Conclave at the end of the month, the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s celebrations wreak havoc on scheduling conclaves. As a result we only have one Conclave on the first Saturday of December for the Nov/Dec period. This year, we have the Absalom Lodge Conclave on December 7th!

To end 2019, we’ve got six sessions lined up, four PFS2 and two SFS. We will have a session of PFS2 1-03 Escaping the Grave in each of the time slots. They will be matched with a session of PFS2 1-06 Lost of the Spirit Road (repeatable) and SFS 2-02 Waking the Past in the 12 noon slot and sessions of PFS2 1-08 Revolution on the Riverside and SFS 1-04 Cries from the Drift in the 5:00 PM slot.

PFS2 1-03 Escaping the GravePFS2 1-06 Lost on the Spirit Road2-02 Waking the PastPFS2 Coming Soon1-04 Cries from the Drift

Once again, we will be in the Quincy Mall. The signups are available on our Warhorn page. The next Conclave (weather permitting, we were snowed out in January this year), will be January 25th, so now is the time to get some Society game play in.

Please note that the PFS2 scenarios are going to begin to have 3-6 subtiers showing up. We want to hold those until we have a solid group of players hit 5th level as there is going to be very little content for character levels 5-8 for the first season of PFS2. Yes, we can run them for your level 3-4 characters, but we’ve got plenty of content for them and have more coming this season. It’s the level 5-8 content that is going to be scarce. That’s why we’ve made this decision.

Hope to see you at the Mall on the 7th!


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