Let’s Do January PFS Smackdown Again!

Winter is coming 2

Seems we are getting weathered out in January a lot. That’s two years in a row we’ve had to cancel the January PFS Smackdown.

We’re going to do most of it all over again in February. More scenarios are dropping which have ties to the main story plot for PFS2 so we really want to start running 1-00 and give everyone a chance to learn the plot from the starting point. With that in mind, we have two sessions of that scenario, 1-00 for you in February. We will also finish Fall of Plaguestone. March will still feature Quest Month. Here is the Warhorn sign up link.

I have seen the list of scenarios being released through June. We will have a total of eight 3-6 tiered scenarios and one 5-6 tier scenario released for Season One overall. We are going to see more and more 3-6s over time. I do know the 1-4 for February will be a repeatable, that both scenarios for March are 3-6s, and the 5-8 comes out in May.

For February we have the following scenarios offered for you in the 11 AM slot:

PFS2 1-00 Origin of the Open RoadPFS2 1-01 The Absalom InitiationPFS2 1-05 Trailblazer's BountyPFS2 Fall of Plaguestone

In the 3 PM slot we have these scenarios available:

PFS2 1-00 Origin of the Open RoadPFS2 1-10 Tarnbreaker's TrailPFS2 1-06 Lost on the Spirit Road

We do have a table open for another GM in the 3 PM slot. If someone volunteers to run I will post the info.

The latest word from Organized Play is that the Achievement Points will be operational very soon. I think that means they’re testing out the stuff on a website. When that goes live, sanctioning for Lost Omens World Guide material should be available at the same time. I’m pretty sure sanctioning for Lost Omens Character Guide will be right on its heels. Lost Omens Gods & Magic has just hit the bookshelves, so expect sanctioning for it to be a month or two later. I don’t know if the Age of Ashes Adventure Path will be sanctioned at the same time as the first two Lost Omens books, but they should be sanctioned pretty fast too.

There is a lot of product rolling out in the first quarter of 2020 too. Spell cards, Bestiary Battle Cards, Bestiary Pawns, maps, scenarios, a new module, Gamemaster’s Guide, and another Bestiary are all due out by April 15th. We’re going to start doing the 3-6s in April as well. It’s a great time for Pathfinder Society! So bring a friend and share the fun with them. March will be a great opportunity to start GMing for those who want to gain more Achievement Points too.

Finally, Cog Con down in Rolla is the last weekend in March. I know I’m going to be there and running sessions. They are just now setting things up on Warhorn for it. That link will be on the Pathfinder Lodge FaceBook page for certain.

See you on the 15th!






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