March Madness is Coming!

Pathfinder - Unleash Your Hero

It’s time for a new annual tradition at the PFS Smackdown! Our game developing friends at Paizo have been developing two PFS2 scenarios and one PFS2 quest every month since September. We have been playing the great scenarios and racking up XP for characters, but we haven’t done any of the quests. Well, that’s about to change because on March 14th it’s time for March Madness!

Yes, that crazy hoop dance is affecting us as we are going to change up our normal Smackdown so that we can play these wonderful quests, run the Character Creation Seminar for the players that missed it last time as well as give new players an opportunity to build some characters, and then test them out. But wait! There’s more!

PFS2 1A The Sandstone Secret

This is also the opportunity for new GMs to run some sessions. Instead of the traditional four hour sessions that require more prep time and are sometimes intimidating to run for a first-time GM, the PFS2 quests are designed to last 60 to 90 minutes. They are literally a quarter of regular session in roleplay and combat encounters. Whereas traditional scenarios result in 4 XP for characters, quests give 1 XP. They are great for both new GMs and new players to get their feet wet in PFS2.

Seminar 2

So, here’s the plan. I am going to run the Seminar at 11:00 AM. Those that want to attend it can do so and afterwards move out to the quests. I’m going to schedule the quests in 1.5 hour blocs so we will end up with 5 quests ran, maybe 6 depending on how the end of the Smackdown goes. We are not going to schedule the sixth bloc of quests. They will be as needed or possible. Five blocs of quests gives us 7.5 hours with a rough 30 minute break somewhere in there, probably after the third bloc of quests. Please note that Quest 1 – The Sandstone Secret and Quest 4 – Port Peril Pub Crawl are repeatable meaning you can play with over and over again as long as you use different characters each time.

PFS2 2A Unforgiving Fire

We will run two or three quests during the 11 AM and 12:30 AM blocs while the seminar is underway. After it concludes, we will expand the number of quests so we have five or six tables, maybe more in the last three blocs. There are five PFS2 quests for the 1-4 subtiers and those will be the five ran at this year’s March Madness. There is also a Paint & Take event scheduled at Valhalla’s Gate from 1 PM to 3 PM. We may have some players attending it and joining us after it is over.

PFS2 3A Grehunde's Gorget

I want the new GMs to run one quest in two different time blocs. That way they get some experience running PFS2, filling out the paperwork, and some timely feedback from players so they can improve their game. Then they can play quests as well. Can’t run them if we don’t have players! We want to have four players at each table for sure, but no more than five unless we have no other option.

PFS2 4A Port Peril Pub Crawl (1-4)

As of right now, I am finding out who wants to run what. As soon as I have some of the basic parts ready, I’ll get a Warhorn sign-up set up and notify everyone. If you want to try your hand at GMing PFS2, this is the best way to get into the system and get your feet wet. Don’t worry about making mistakes. We all do that every session. It just takes some experience in running sessions to develop a system that works for you. I’ve been running RPGs sessions since 1979 and I still make plenty of mistakes.

PFS2 6A Archaeology in Aspenthar

Remember, March Madness is March 14th at Valhalla’s Gate! We hope to see you there!


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