Getting Stronger Every Day

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I know it doesn’t feel like it, but I think we’re getting stronger every day. As the pandemic drags on and we develop ways to cope with and overcome stay-at-home orders, we just get stronger. We’re pretty resilient, so I’m pretty confident that we’ll be coming up with all kinds of ways to play games. We lost March and April to the pandemic and I am not certain how May is going to play out, but I have a feeling we are not going to be able to have the monthly events. It is also starting to look more and more like the big cons of the summer are going to be cancelled. PaizoCon was cancelled, Origins was postponed to October, and Gen Con is on tenterhooks.

The smaller cons have been wiped out through Memorial Day as far as I know. Right now, I’m still waiting to see if Quin Con will be held July 10-12. That decision may be in the hands of the state officials who might limit the size of gatherings. If they limit to 50 people or less, then we won’t be able to be at Quin Con. The good thing about this is that since Quin Con is a relatively small and local con the planners can wait a while before having to make a decision. Plus, they can reschedule it for later in the year too. The huge cons can’t do that due to the scheduling involved with so many different sponsors and organizations involved.

Some of us have migrated over to the Online Region for Organized Play. I’ve been playing online for a few years via Discord and Roll20. We’ve seen a tremendous number of people pour into the Online Region over the last month as local gaming throughout the world has shut down. I’ve heard a lot of comments from players, GMs, and Venture Officers who didn’t like the idea of playing online change their tune after a few sessions. Suddenly, their perceptions have changed and they are now happily playing and running games.


With that in mind, I’d like for everyone to consider an online Smackdown in May. If we cannot hold our regular Smackdown at Vahalla’s Gate on May 9th or in May at all, I would like for us to do an online Smackdown. Getting GMs is not a problem. I know of several including some here in the League of Aroden region. This would be a great way to get together and have some PFS2 fun so we don’t lose touch with each other.

I’ll be developing plans for this as things pan out over time. In the mean time, take a look at the Online Region.

You can find the Online Region at PFS Chat

Here is our League of Aroden Discord channel.

Here is Roll20

There is really nothing more you really need to do. Discord is free and so is Roll20 if you just want to be a casual player. I know quite a few players who do not pay for a Roll20 sub as they don’t need it. Those of us who GM consistently need one, but most players don’t.

Let us know if you are interested in an Online Smackdown in May should our regular live Smackdown get cancelled.

Stay Safe!

You can do it!



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