Introducing Xathos TV

Seminar 2

Just kidding! I took advantage of my newfound experience working with Zoom to make some videos and uploaded them to YouTube. I updated and reworked the Character Creation Seminar, broke it into seven smaller chunks, and recorded the presentation using an audio overlay. The result is not even close to being a high tech, slickly manufactured, corporate Hollywood creation, but it’s close enough for heightened fireballs.

Here are the links to the videos in order. I do not have this website set up so it will display videos on it, but I can link them.

PFS2 Character Creation Intro & Step 1

PFS2 Character Creation Steps 2 & 3

PFS2 Character Creation Steps 4, 5, & 6

PFS2 Character Creation Step 7

PFS2 Character Creation Step 8

PFS2 Character Creation Steps 9, 10, and Conclusion

Nothing too intense here, but with these videos everyone can build a Pathfinder Second Edition Society legal character ready for play. The links to the sheets used in the videos are in the Resources section of this site in the upper toolbar.

Don’t forget that PaizoCon Online is coming up on May 26th. Player signups will begin at 3 PM CDT on May 16th. For more information on this, see the blog post immediately below this one. There are over 1000 sessions set up for everything in the Org Play lineup. This is shaping up to be one of the biggest online gaming conventions ever. Be part of it!



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