Gen Con Cancelled

It is like Christmas has been cancelled for me. The world’s largest gaming event has fallen victim to the Covid-19 pandemic. With 72 days remaining before the doors were to open on July 30th, the Gen Con organizing committee announced yesterday that they were cancelling Gen Con 2020. While I am greatly disappointed, I am also somewhat relieved because had the con gone on, there was a very high chance of contracting the virus for many potential attendees. As much as I love running and playing Pathfinder, there is no need for people to die just to attend a con, no matter how awesome the con is.

But there was some good news!

Gen Con Online

Just like with PaizoCon and Origins, Gen Con is going to host an online convention. Paizo Organized Play was already preparing for the eventuality of this, and has plans in place for it.


We have a great con lined up for you next week. Over 1300 sessions are scheduled including Pathfinder First Edition, Pathfinder Second Edition, Starfinder, and the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Sign-ups are happening right now on Warhorn.


Origins Online will be held June 19-21st. GM signups are underway right now for Paizo Organized Play events. They will end tomorrow, May 21st.

Also, I shot another series of videos on how to use the Roll20 Pathfinder Second Edition Character Sheet. I broke it into three parts. You can catch them here.

Using the Roll20 PFS sheet

Folks, I think we had better come to the realization that it may very well be May of 2021 before we can play live again. I know this is upsetting, but it is the reality. The case numbers in Missouri are not going down. They’re going up. Until we have a vaccine or this virus mutates out of its current form and becomes far less lethal, we are going to have to wear masks and social distance in public. We cannot do our events this way.

This is why we are fortunate to be able to play the games online. They’re a lot of fun and they allow for us to meet up with like-minded people who love to play the same games we do. If you haven’t tried it, I encourage you to do so. There’s a few blog posts on how to do this on this blog.

Finally, if we have enough interest I would like to plan a weekend of gaming for us at some point so we can game and catch up socially online. The Quin Con weekend was going to be July 10-12 and I am thinking that might be a good time to hold a League of Aroden online event. Let me know how you feel about that. Hop onto our Discord channel and put your two cents in. I can also be found on my House of Xathos Discord channel or the Org Play Online Region Discord channel.


No matter what, stay safe!

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