Pathfinder Products

Since most of you in the League of Aroden have not been playing online, you may not have been keeping up with the products released since we stopped live play in March of 2020. Fortunately, Paizo has kept up their publishing schedule even though it is still being impacted by shipping issues beyond their control regarding physical releases. We have seen a lot of content come out which has added more options to Pathfinder Second Edition while avoiding the problems that plagued Pathfinder First Edition, i.e., power creep. The additional ancestries and classes have not unbalanced the game in any way. There are no “Gotta Have” books to build overpowered characters. Thanks to the concept building system used in PFS2, players can just pick up the books that fit their concepts.

First up on the list are the rulebooks!

The first three books were out when the pandemic hit and need no real explanation. The next two books came out last year. The next three books are coming out in 2021. Bestiary 3 is already shipping. Secrets of Magic comes out in July and Guns & Magic comes out in September. If any of these books is a must have for a player, that would be the Advanced Player’s Guide. That particular book is literally the overflow material they had to remove from the original release in order to keep it affordable. I covered the APG in a previous post here on this blog. It has four new classes, five new ancestries, introduces versatile heritages and has five of them explained, and also introduces the first of many different archetypes for your character classes.

The Lost Omens line of books replaced the splat books of First Edition with beautiful hardbacks. The first three were out when the pandemic hit, have been joined by three more, and have three more coming in the pipeline in 2021.

All of these books expand the world of Golarion for game play. Not only that, but some open up new content for characters via ancestries, ancestry feats, class feats and skills, archetypes, spells, items, and backgrounds. I would say that right now, the Ancestry Guide would be the one Lost Omens book that players would benefit from the most. It adds more to the existing ancestries and heritages while adding seven ancestries and nine versatile heritages. Keep in mind you still have to have earned enough Achievement Points in order to purchase the boons for most of the additional ancestries and heritages. I will explain that in another blog post on the Access system.

Well, if you have all this content stuff, you probably want some materials to use it all with! When we left off there were 14 scenarios that had been released, 1-00 through 1-13. As of the end of March 2021 there are now 43 scenarios, three adventures with 2 more scheduled, a new set of One-Shot adventures that just started this month, 13 quests, 8 bounties, and 4 Adventure Paths, plus the Beginner Box. Another Adventure Path starts in April. We don’t have to worry about content anymore!

The Beginner Box has everything needed to play the adventure in that box. Four pregens, a two part adventure, dice, maps, and pawns are all in that box. It is also PFS2 sanctioned. There are three AP’s with six books each and one AP with three books. A second three-book AP launches in April called Fists of the Ruby Phoenix. I picked up the books for Abomination Vaults which is a level 1-11 set of adventures.

Paizo has kept busy with the product schedule, but as I mentioned earlier, there have been some shipping problems. The printers are fine and putting out the books. The issue is in the shipping. The system is just clogged with orders globally and shipping itself is at a premium trying to move all of the products the factories are producing. Add in some weather issues and now a really big ship blocking the Suez Canal, and the global shipping is snarled ridiculously. So take all release dates with a big shaker of salt. Two product releases were already delayed because of shipping.

Now it gets weirder. Gen Con surprised everyone by moving the con back to September 16-19, 2021. This has thoroughly wrecked the already mangled convention schedule for 2021. Nobody including the game companies knew about this before the announcement. So, right now everyone is evaluating the vaccination numbers trying to decide whether they will attend the con or not. We do not know how many people will be allowed to go to Gen Con this year, whether masks or vaccinations will be required or not, or even if Paizo will be hosting Society games at it. There are just a lot of “I don’t know’s” right now. I really do not think we will know a lot more until the mid to late May time frame because everyone wants to see how the vaccination program goes. This has messed up the publication schedule for July, August, and September for Paizo because they have some product releases tied to Gen Con (some are contractually tied to it). It will all get released. It is just a matter of what date.

Okay, that’s enough for now. I’ll keep putting up some new posts over the next week to catch everyone up to date. We’ve got PaizoCon Online 2021 coming up Memorial Day weekend. I’m working on scheduling live events in Quincy and Hannibal for May. We have a tentative date to restart PFS Smackdown on June 26th. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to play some live Pathfinder!

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