Why You Should “Be” at PaizoCon 2021

We’ve been through a tough year with no live gaming. Last year at this time I posted about how the major cons were moving online with the announcement of PaizoCon’s move into virtual space. With so many unknowns out there regarding where we will be with vaccinations by Memorial Day weekend this year, Paizo made the decision to keep PaizoCon online this year. I know many of you are not wanting to do online gaming and I understand. It is just not the same. However, you have some incentives for doing PaizoCon Online 2021 and I want to explain them to you.

First of all, live gaming is coming back to the League of Aroden area! That’s great! No, it’s awesome! It’s whatever overwhelmingly positively adjective you can say about it. I’m working on live events in Quincy and Hannibal for May. I’ve already gotten a tentative restart at Valhalla’s Gate set up in Columbia for June 26th. Plans are still in the air for Kirksville. I am hoping to have four lodges up and running by the end of the year. That means right now you are wondering, “Okay, Xathos, why should I play at PaizoCon Online 2021? What’s the big deal?”

The answer is easy, Achievement Points (AcP). PaizoCon Online is a Premier + convention which means scenarios are worth 6 AcP. Keep in mind that regular scenarios are worth 4 AcP. If you were to play four games over the four-day convention, you would get 24 AcP which is 8 AcP more than you would normally. That’s the equivalent of two scenarios. Remember, it takes 80 AcP to purchase some of the Uncommon ancestries that have come out over the last year, 160 for some of the Rare ancestries. Playing some scenarios at PaizoCon 2021 could shorten the time it takes for you to acquire enough AcP.

Here is the announcement for PaizoCon Online 2021. It is over four days, May 28-31 and does cost $25. All the information you need to get signed up is linked there. The sign-ups open up tonight at 8 PM CDT and will be done over Warhorn (linked for your convenience). I know I will be at it but that is because I am running six sessions of PFS2 which will get me 12 AcP per session ran (72 AcP but who’s counting?), not that I need more.

There is a lot more to PaizoCon than just the games. This is the premier con for Paizo. They have moved the annual season launch of Starfinder Society to it starting this year. They do a lot of giveaways at the con too. I mean A LOT! Now you know where some of that $25 is going. They were giving away so much stuff last year that it was sounding like a machine chugging out toys. There will also be seminars and interviews with Paizo designers and creators. Last year we had over 3500 players at over 1200 sessions ran by around 350 GMs. I had a great time meeting a lot of new players and running games for them.

As I said, this is a great opportunity for you to earn some extra AcP and have some fun in the process. I could easily play 8 sessions as that would be 2 each day and pick up 48 AcP. If you choose not to attend, I understand. The good part is we are going to be playing Pathfinder live shortly. I am still debating what versatile heritage I am going to put on my Catfolk Cavalier. That’s 80 AcP for the heritage plus 120 Acp for the Catfolk ancestry. The cavalier archetype is from the Advanced Player’s Guide. I’m not sure what the parent class will be yet. I’m debating if I should start with Fighter or one of the Champion types. But I will have my Catfolk Cavalier ready for play!

Okay, that’s enough for now. I hope some of you take advantage of the opportunity to pick up some extra AcP. It will be fun running games for you all with some Androids, Ratfolk, or Iruxi this year when we get rolling. Or maybe some Gillmen, Kitsune, or even a Fleshwarp. When will we see Geniekin, Tieflings, or Ganzi at the tables? Did I tell you there are more ancestries coming in the Lost Omens: Mwangi Expanse?

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