We’re Back!

The title says it all. We are back! We held our first live game on April 29th in Hannibal at the Game Arena where we began the process of kickstarting the Gryffyn Flight lodge again. Hoping to make that a weekly or biweekly game night there. I am hoping to run either the first chapter of Abomination Vaults or the Beginner Box on May 6th. We’re going to alternate Society scenarios with APs and modules on Thursdays at 6 PM for that lodge. You can sign up for this session here at our Warhorn page.

You read that headline correctly! We are going to hold our first conclave since February 2020 on May 22nd at the Quincy Mall. I don’t know the exact storefront, but I figure it will be the old Finish Line. I will post the location on our FaceBook page when I do know. What is more important is that we are going to be kicking out the jams for some Pathfinder Society Second Edition sessions!

Right now I have the Conclave Warhorn page set up for three tables of PFS2 2-01 Citadel of Corruption (1-4 Season 2 Metaplot) in the noon slot and tables of 1-10 Tarnbreaker’s Trail (1-4 repeatable), 1-11 Flames of Rebellion (Season 1 Metaplot), and 1-14 Lions of Katapesh (1-4 repeatable) in the 5 PM slot. I will need GMs for 1-10 and 1-14. If there is enough interest in the 2-01 tables, we may need a 4th GM and we do have one available. Sign up now!

The reason I am starting us out with the Season 2 metaplot is so we get a clean start for a lot of players. My plan is to focus on Season 1 and 2’s metaplot, but I need to find out where everyone has characters in what levels. Season 1’s metaplot ends in a Multi-Table Special 2-00 which has three different level tiers (1-2, 3-6, and 7-8). My goal is to get most players up to the 5-7 range by QuinCon 2022 and run the MTS there ending the Season 1 metaplot.

You may wonder why I didn’t pick Season 2’s metaplot for QuinCon 2022. That is because Season 2’s metaplot features a three part lead up to its MTS. Details on that MTS are still being worked on in ultra secret labs at Paizo HQ as we speak! But, the three part lead up is set up for levels 5-8 in part 1 and levels 7-10 in parts 2 and 3. With so few scenarios being available for Levels 7-10 (in fact, these will be the first two released), I want to get as many players as possible into the Level 9-10 range for them. This means we’re going to have a nice set of Conclaves featuring these scenarios for everyone to enjoy together.

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Regarding pandemic protocols for May 22nd: I really do not know what they are going to be. I am anticipating little to any in place. My opinion and this is just my opinion is that the best way to solve the problem of the pandemic is to get vaccinated. I am fully vaccinated. I encourage everyone to get vaccinated, but that is entirely up to you. The position of Organized Play regarding pandemic protocols is that we follow the protocols of the game store we are playing at. Since we are at the Quincy Mall, we will be following theirs. Again, the best peace of mind regarding all of this is to get vaccinated. After what my wife went through in December-January after coming down with the virus and is still having long term side effects from, being fully vaccinated is a wonderful relief.

To my friends who attend the Columbia PFS Smackdown at Valhalla’s Gate, we have scheduled June 26th as the restart date there. I will have more information on that as we draw closer to the date, but right now we plan to use the 11 AM to 7 PM time slots as we used to do with 5 player tables. We will know more about the safety protocols we have to follow as we get close to the date. I am anticipating using a similar game play plan like at the Absalom Lodge, but want to find out from you players about whether we want to hold our own MTS special Smackdown like a mini-con or tie in with a con in the area. We had more players with characters in the levels 3-4 range which will reduce the time needed to reach the end of the Season 1 metaplot.

With all of that said, look back into the posts on this blog for changes to Society play, the explanation of Achievement Points (AcP), new products, and PaizoCon 2021. A lot has happened for all of us since we last met at our lodges. I really hope everyone is safe although I know we all have lost friends and loved ones to this horrible virus. Our return to normalcy is going to be strange and uneven for everyone, but we are going to return to some form of normalcy. Restarting live play is one of those steps. Since Gen Con moved the con to September, it has really wreaked havoc on the con schedules and restarts. It will probably be October before we are completely back to our normal schedules with set weekends and game nights for all of the lodges. Meanwhile, we will be playing when and where we can and I for one will be extremely happy to meet everyone at the tables again!

See you at a table with my red d20 waiting to roll!

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