It’s a Brave New World!

Here in the Brave New World’s embrace

I watch the parade begin

Searching for one familiar face

And I wonder where I fit in

How will I know if there’s a place

For me in the Brave New World

Welcome to a Brave New World as we move into the post-pandemic life. This Saturday, May 22nd, the Absalom Lodge in Quincy, Illinois will restart operations at the Quincy Mall. We have some exciting Pathfinder 2e scenarios ready for your enjoyment. I do want to caution everyone that we’re going to be flexible based on how many people turn out for the Conclave and what they want to do. Right now we have two tables of PFS2: 2-01 Citadel of Corruption and one table of the PF2 Beginner Box: Upper Level scheduled in the noon slot. Quick FYI: the Beginner Box does award a Society Chronicle sheet, but you use special pregens as it is a great tool to introduce new players to the game. See my post on this below. Here is the Warhorn page so you can sign up for these wonderful sessions this Saturday.

In the 5:00 PM slot we will offer the Lower Level of the Beginner Box which concludes that adventure along with a classic dungeon run from Season 1 in PFS2: 1-11 Flames of Rebellion and PFS2: 1-14 Lions of Katapesh. Did I say that the Beginner Box gives double Achievement Points (AcP)? That’s right! Players will earn 8 AcP for each level of the Beginner Box they play. Plus, it is repeatable. Players can apply the chronicle sheets they earn for playing each level to any 1st level character they have or will have. 1-11 picks up the Season 1 metaplot and 1-14 is a neat repeatable scenario. All of these are for the 1-4 level tiers. Once again, here is the Warhorn page so you can sign up to play these sessions this Saturday.

Let me recap the Achievement Points for you. Ever since PFS2 kicked off, they were working towards creating a new system of rewards that were connected to how often people played and GMed sessions. Normally, players earn 4 AcP while GMs earn 8 AcP per session. There are bonuses for special events and conventions. You can redeem these points to purchase access to Uncommon and Rare ancestries, heritages, classes, feats, spells, etc. Everybody was earning these points in all of those scenarios we ran from the first day of PFS2 as well. They finally got the system up and running during the pandemic, so many of you probably haven’t looked at your point total. That’s right! You have points you earned in your Organized Play area of the Paizo website. Why don’t you log in and check your points? You can also get an idea of what is available and how much things cost in the Boons section. I’ve already earned over 1500 AcP! I spent some on Hobgoblin and Tengu ancestries a few months ago.

If you scroll through some of the previous posts, you will see where I’ve discussed various things that have taken place since we last met in February of 2020. It’s been over a year since I’ve seen many of you and I really hope to change that on Saturday. I have updated all of the links in the blog, so if you are looking for some information I think you can find it. We have built a Discord for our League of Aroden lodges which is one of the fastest ways to get a hold of myself or Steve as well as to communicate with each other. I have found Discord to be a good tool to share information and documents as well. You can join it here at this Discord link.

Well, what about Covid? I’m sure you all want to know about that. I am not asking for proof of vaccination. I think you are smart and intelligent people who either are fully vaccinated, in the process of reaching that state, or have had Covid in the last six to seven months. If you are fully vaccinated like I am, you don’t need to wear a mask at all according to the new CDC rules. My suggestion is for you to become fully vaccinated. Then you don’t have to worry about it. If you are not fully vaccinated, you are the one at risk. This is really pretty simple. I shouldn’t have to explain it at all.

Remember, it’s a Brave New World! See you on Saturday!

11 thoughts on “It’s a Brave New World!

  1. It’s a shame Paizo gave up on supporting PSOP 1st Edition. I’m just not feeling the love for Starfinder or PSOP 2nd Edition. Having played Pathfinder since its Beta days, it was a good run. Getting harder and harder to find Pathfinder 1st Edition and PSOP 1st Edition tables with enough players to run.


      1. I understand your point. I believe there is still interest in PSOP 1st Edition. It’s a matter (probably not easily done) of organizing/coordinating folks that still have the desire to play.

        Can PSOP 1st Edition characters be brought across to PSOP 2nd Edition? If so, is there a document stepping players through that process? Thanks.


      2. There is a rough way to convert them but its just an approximation. You still have to start off as a L1 character unless you have some playtest points that will allow you to start at L2 or L3.


      3. I will put 1e tables on the schedule if there is a GM who wants to run it and players who want to play it. I have no problems doing that at all. It is just that I haven’t had any demand for it.


  2. I realize this will probably doom me, but my PSOP 1st Edition characters I’m trying to play are levels 12 (two), 16, and 18. I’ve played many of the higher level sanctioned modules, so am looking at things like 10-22, 10-23, Shattered Star book 6, and the newer levels 12-15 three-part arc. Thanks again.


    1. Oh yeah, that definitely doesn’t help at all. I’ve seen very little GM activity advertised for that even in the PbP or online regions.


      1. That’s what I figured. Thanks for trying/offering. If you happen to come across anything like that and remember, please let me know. Thanks again.


      2. Will do. I do not know how your experience with 2e has been, but we have some pretty good GMs over at Quincy and in Columbia. My experience with many reluctant players is that they have not had a good session with a knowledgeable GM or gotten past 3rd level with a character.


      3. I have not played or ran anything past 10th level yet, but others are telling me that the game works very well past L15 when compared to 1e. The developers have said they will build higher level stuff as long as it works and players support it. Seems like anything past L12 in 1e didn’t have very good sales other than APs


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