Absalom Lodge of Quincy is hosting a Conclave June 26th

Hello Adventurers! We have set our regular schedule for the next several months. Our normal Conclave will be the fourth Saturday of the month except for November/December when we do our holiday Conclave. As a result, we will be hosting a Conclave on June 26th at the Quincy Mall.

Well, you might ask what we have planned for you, so I’ll tell you what we have! In the noon slot we have the introductions to both of the Season 1 and 2 metaplots, 1-08 Revolution on the Riverside (1-4) and 2-01 Citadel of Corruption (1-4). We will follow them up with another table of 1-08 Revolution on the Riverside and 2-03 Catastrophe’s Spark. I am not sure if we will have a GM running the first level of the Beginner Box in the noon slot yet.

We had an excellent turnout at the May Conclave. It was so good to meet so many of you after a long pandemic-induced layoff from live gaming. We had a great time and passed out some new Org Play numbers too! If you did not get to make it to our May Conclave, we missed you and are looking forward to seeing you on June 26th!

What do you have to do to be able to play at the Absalom Conclave? All you have to do is go to our Warhorn page and sign up for the session or sessions you want to play. Once you sign up for a game, your seat is reserved. New players are always welcome too.

Quick news items:

  1. We are restarting the Pathfinder Lodge of Missouri’s monthly PFS Smackdown in Columbia, Missouri on the 10th of July. I post those announcements here on this site as well because it is one of the lodges in the League of Aroden. Everyone is welcome at the Smackdown. Just sign up in advance on the Warhorn page (coming soon).
  2. PaizoCon Europe (all online) is August 19-22. The new season of Pathfinder 2e will begin there with some special scenarios written to introduce more players to PFS2, as well as the intro scenario to the Season 3 metaplot, Year of the Shattered Sanctuaries. For more information, visit their Warhorn page.
  1. Gen Con 2021 is now a major problem. It was moved to September 16-19 and then Paizo announced that they were not going to be at the live convention in any way, shape, or form. Instead, they are only going to participate in the Gen Con Online version held on the same weekend. We will be debuting a new multi-table special there which is supposed to be connected to Starfinder Society in some way. Who knows, time travel maybe?
  2. We have already restarted the Hannibal lodge, the Order of the Golden Gryffyn’s weekly meeting at Game Arena, LLC. We are trying to alternate Society play with an Adventure Path on Thursdays. We could use some players for either or both types of games. If interested, contact me directly. We are not meeting on this upcoming Thursday, June 17th due to too many of us being unavailable.
  3. Six new Ancestries are coming out very soon with the release of Lost Omens: Mwangi Expanse. That should hit the stores July 7th. There is a lot of content in that book for characters who are from that region. I put a table of playable ancestries and heritages on the website here. Note that I do not know the AcP required to purchase access to these Mwangi ancestries.

That’s all I have this time! I hope to see you on June 26th at the Quincy Mall for some wonderful Pathfinder 2e game play!

A dungeon waits for you!

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