Let us gather once again like we did in days of olde, ye players oh so bold! The herald’s horn for heroes has been blown summoning the valiant ones of the land to assemble in the Event Center of Valhalla’s Gate. Leap to your trusty steeds and set a course for adventure to Columbia, Missouri.

We had to readjust the schedule due to a change in hours for the Gate. They are reopening the Event Center is phases, which means they are going to be open from 11 am to 6 pm. We can’t fit two full-length scenarios in that limited time slot, so what we decided to do was run scenarios in the 1st slot at 11 am and then a doubleheader of quests or bounties in the second slot. The quests/bounties take roughly an hour to an hour and a half. Each of the doubleheaders will have a different quest to start off with, but will all have the same quest in the second half. This way we don’t need to change tables. This also lets us fit in a 30 minute break between the two slots. We will continue this until we have an 8 hour window to play in again.

So, what are we playing now that we are finally getting back together after the long pandemic-induced layoff between Smackdowns? Well, for starters, since we were not sure how many players are able to come to the Smackdown in July and I haven’t heard from most of the GM pool, we are going to start with three tables in each slot. The scenarios are going to be repeatables from the 1-4 tier. We are doing this because we think most players haven’t played since February 2020, but in case you or they have, everyone can play and we can get an idea of who has played what. We have only ran one quest at Smackdown and it is a repeatable anyway.

If you don’t know if you have played these quests or scenarios, all you have to do is go to, log into My Organized Play and click the Sessions tab. That will show you a list of every session you have played or ran with Organized Play. All Smackdown sessions have been entered into by your GMs and VOs. You have to create a Paizo account and register your characters in order for the information to show up. That also includes AcP. If you have not registered a character number that played a scenario, those AcP will not show up until you do. I’ve ran into a couple of players who complained about missing AcP only to find they had not registered their characters. Trust me, you’re going to want those AcP!

Sign up to reserve your seat at the July 10th Smackdown here at our Warhorn page. That guarantees your seat at the table. We will have pregens available as always. There have been some major changes for Society since we last played together, so you might want to check out the PFS2 Guide to Organized Play to find out what they were. You could also scroll down in this website. I’ve detailed most of the changes over the last couple of months for you.

These are the scenarios and quests for July. We will offer 2 tables of 1-14: Lions of Katapesh along with one table of 1-06: Lost on Spirit Road. In the quest doubleheaders, we will have tables of Q1 – The Sandstone Secret, Q2 – Unforgiving Fire, and Q3 – Grehunde’s Gorget. Each of these quests will be paired with Q4 – Port Peril Pub Crawl which is hilarious and let’s the players “roll with the punches!” The faster you finish the first quest, the more zany roleplay you can mix into the second one! Remember, all of these are in the 1-4 tier.

If we need to make up another table, we will see what we can do. We were filling four tables in each slot depending on weather and had added a fifth table a few times. The March 2021 Smackdown never happened and we had our biggest turnout signed up on Warhorn for it when the pandemic shut it down.

Speaking of pandemics, Valhalla’s Gate has stated the following as of June 25th, 2021: “In the Event Center, *vaccinated* individuals may choose to not wear masks. However, masks must be worn any time you re-enter the retail area of the store. Unvaccinated individuals, regardless of reason, are required to wear masks.”

Those are the rules we have to follow per the Organized Play Foundation which operates Pathfinder Society.

That’s all for today! I hope to see you at Valhalla’s Gate in Columbia, Missouri on July 10th!

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