Welcome to the Crit Arena! Coming to the Absalom Lodge Conclave on July 24th

Greetings Adventurers! We are coming up on our monthly Absalom Lodge of Quincy’s Conclave which for this month is July 24th. We will be participating in the Great River Gaming Guild’s Game Day at the Quincy Mall as well. As a result, the start time is a bit different. We will begin the Conclave at 10 AM by offering some Bounties which are short adventures for Level One characters only. They only award 1 XP, so they are great opportunities to test out new character designs. They are also wonderful for introducing new players to Pathfinder Society as well.

At noon we will begin the Main Event of this month’s Conclave. Yes, that’s right, the long discussed and awaited Crit Arena will finally debut in Quincy! This is a non-Society event which features the iconic PFS pregenerated characters going up against various monsters from the various Bestiaries. This event was featured in late 2019 on Paizo’s Twitch channel, but the pandemic wiped out any plans to showcase the event as any conventions.

What is the Crit Arena, you ask? It’s a lot like a cage match, but this one is to the death. Players will take the role of pregenerated PFS characters from one of the three level tiers, 1st, 3rd, or 5th levels. They will then be match up against a monster two levels higher than them which are classed as Severe level encounters. The battles are fought on the Flip-Mat Classic: Arena battle map. Players and monsters are not allowed to leave the arena unless they are carried out or have won their encounter. Burrowing and flying is allowed, but only to distances of 60 feet above or below the arena. They cannot go beyond the those boundaries. Don’t worry, an enchantment keeps spectators from being harmed by area-of-effect spells, errant missiles, or even flying body parts. Blood splatters are of course still a possible hazard.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! We are also going to use the Critical Fumble and Critical Hit Decks! Oh yes, the element of total chaos will allow for anything to happen. These cards feature all kinds of things that will take place depending on your mode of attack and those wonderful dice rolls. Critical Hits will generate good things while Critical Fumbles result in penalties. While we are at it, the monsters will enjoy rolling those Critical Hits too! They will not enjoy the Critical Fumbles, but hopefully the monsters will not be rolling nat 1’s (right!).

We will be using the Battle Cards from Bestiary 1 and 2 as well.

Depending on how things go, we may run the Crit Arena or the Beginner Box levels or more Bounties. We will go with the flow and see what you, the players, want to do. We do have entries on the Warhorn page, so signing up now will let us know what you want to play.

I hope to see you at the Game Day at the Quincy Mall on July 24th!


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