August Conclave in Quincy on August 28th


Happy Tidings to you, Adventurer, on this hot and humid Midwest Day! It is time to announce the line up for the August Conclave which will be held at the Quincy Mall on August 28th. This should also be the last Conclave held at the mall as we will be relocating it to a new game store. More on that in a bit.

Our first scenario will be 1-04 Bandits of Immenwood. This adventure takes place on the Isle of Kortos. A Pathfinder team has been dispatched to Otari to escort the cargo of the shipwrecked Durvin’s Query overland to Absalom due to the strange circumstances surrounding the sea journey. It’s been raining in Otari ever since the ship sank in the harbor during that huge storm. Surely the cargo has nothing to do with that, does it? Looks like the Pathfinders will find out!

Our second scenario will be 1-05 Trailblazer’s Bounty. The nation of Druma has begun to charge exorbitant tariffs on many of Isger’s exports causing profitable businesses to fall into ruin. A new route is needed to bypass the tariffs, and Cheliax has offered a handsome reward to those who would blaze a new trail through the Menador Mountains (Isger is practically a province or client state of Cheliax) to Molthune. They are not the only ones trying to accomplish this mission. In addition, the monsters that call the Menador Mountains home may not welcome a trade route running their their habitat either. Our Pathfinders will need their wits about them as they work to establish a new road.

Both of these adventures are in the 1-4 tiers and excellent for new players as well as experienced ones. Neither have been ran in the Absalom Lodge before either. The Social Hour begins at 11 AM with the first tables kicking off at noon. We’ll follow up with the second slot’s tables at 4:30 PM (Mall closes at 8 PM, so we need to limit going past that). You can sign up for these sessions at our Absalom Lodge Conclave Warhorn right now! (Edit: Added Pathfinder Second Edition Beginner Box sessions on Warhorn as well).

Now back to that announcement about this being the last Conclave at the Quincy Mall. One of the local gamers is launching their own game store and plans to open by October 1st. The new store will have ample gaming space, so we are moving the Conclave to the new store. Also, we are pushing back the September Conclave by a week to October 2nd. This is because our regular Conclave would have been September 25 which is a week after FallCon. That means two Conclaves in October! The second conclave will be on October 23rd and feature at least one murder mystery along with one or two other Halloween-themed scenarios.

Even better news! We will debut brand new repeatable scenarios on October 2nd which were created specifically to introduce players to Pathfinder Society and to kick off Season 3. We want to grow Conclave to the point where we have multiple tables of PFS2 and Starfinder in each slot like we did before the pandemic shut everything down in 2020. This includes running a table of the new Season 3 material each month as well as older scenarios that follow the metaplots of the first two seasons.

Well, that’s a lot right there to take in. Yes, there are some changes coming to Conclave, but I think they will be good changes. We went to get the restart of our gaming community rolling along and the best way to do that is to schedule games. This month is a great time go get back into the gaming and get set for October!

See you on the 28th at the Quincy Mall!

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