New Intro Scenario at PFS Smackdown September 11th

Greetings Adventurers! The dog days of summer are finally ending and Fall is drawing near. Before long we’ll have to post the annual Game of Thrones meme, “Winter is Coming!” but not today. Not with temps hitting the 90s still. We told everyone at the August Smackdown that we were going to run one of the new Intro scenarios in September and we will. This adventure is for Levels 1-2 and the blurb for it reads:

“A Pathfinder Society initiate goes missing on their Confirmation mission to become a fully-fledged field agent. With no update on the initiate’s whereabouts, the Society assembles a group of initiates into a rare group Confirmation in order to spearhead a rescue. It’s up to a new generation of heroes to save one of their own, and potentially make a few big discoveries along the way!”

You get to be one of those initiates on the rescue mission in this scenario. It is also part of the the larger story line which concludes in the second Intro, United In Purpose which we will be running in October. We will also be running at least one quest, Archeology in Aspenthar which is for Levels 1-4. We might be able to run another Bounty or Quest, but that will depend on time limits.

As always, we are meeting at Valhalla’s Gate on the second Saturday of the month. It opens at 11 AM and we begin playing as soon as our GMs are set up. We will play the Intro first and then the quest, followed by a bonus quest or bounty as time permits. The Warhorn page is all set up for you to sign up for the tables. We do have a third GM as backup for this event if we need to use them.

Reminder, this is the second month of the RSP period for PFS Smackdown. That means players and GMs are earning bonus AcP for all Society content. That’s right, you get 5 AcP. Why is this important? Because you can redeem those AcP for access to Uncommon and Rare ancestries like the Gnoll, or Versatile Heritages like the Ifrit, or spells like Mind Reading, or items like the Bloodletting Kukri. The more you play and GM, the more AcP you earn which allows you to unlock more playable content.

Also, since we are mentioning AcP, there is a very big online convention occurring September 16-19 known as Gen Con Online. The folks running this had moved it back six weeks hoping that the pandemic would have died down some, but obviously it has not. Therefore, Paizo decided to not attend the live Gen Con in Indianapolis this year, but to instead participate in the Online Gen Con events. You can learn more about Gen Con Online through this link. There is a fee for playing games at it. I am GMing a few tables at it including what may very will be a rare multi-table special to play for a long time to come. Players earn 6 AcP for playing PFS2 scenarios at Gen Con Online. Tickets for the event are on sale now.

Just one last quick note. The two newest classes, Magus and Summoner, will be PFS2 sanctioned on or around September 1st. The book with these two new classes, Secrets of Magic, has shipped from the warehouse and should be appearing in stores as early as tomorrow. That means you can play a Magus or Summoner at PFS Smackdown on the 11th. I know I will be! I will put up a post about the new book here soon.

See you on the 11th!

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