The League of Aroden Welcomes Tri-States Games & Hobbies

Most of you already know that a new game store is coming to Quincy, but yesterday, the proprietors were finally able to make the official announcement and give out the address. It is with great joy and anticipation that I am able to congratulate my friends Eddie Radel and Tori Stiern on the upcoming opening of Quincy’s newest Friendly Local Game Store! They are planning to open the store on October 1st and are hard at work on getting it ready for the shipments of merchandise to arrive. The store’s location is 834 S. 8th St., Quincy, Illinois 62301 and I’ve got it linked here on Google Maps for you. I see there’s a Quincy Transit Line stop right on the corner across the street too!

Obviously, they’re going to sell far more gaming products than just Paizo’s Pathfinder and Starfinder lines. I have it on relatively good authority (I got it from the store owners) that they will also have Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Heroclix, Keyforge, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, some other RPG known as D&D (I think it’s missing a letter), and even a card game known as Magic: The Gathering (Disclosure: they bribed me to use that title and not what I usually call it). Gaming supplies include lots of DICE, Games Workshop paints and supplies (this means I need to start painting again), more DICE, Wizkids, even more DICE, card sleeves, lots more DICE, Reaper miniatures, and glorious oodles of DICE! Okay, I might be just a bit excited by the thought there’s going to be DICE on sale. A good Pathfinder GM always needs more d6s to roll damage with.

Did I mention there’s a 10% discount on all products for Opening Weekend? No, I did not! But I was just informed by Eddie that there is a 10% discount on all products for Opening Weekend. Go Crazy, Folks! Also, they are expecting to have more products available like Asmodee boardgames. There is a popcorn machine, a nachos and cheese machine, candy, chips, and Pepsi beverages in the cooler. Best of all, they’re going to carry Chessex DICE! My infamous red d20 is a Chessex die. Speaking of rolling dice, let’s see what Pathfinder Society games will be played on October 2nd.

Obviously, we’re going to be at Tri-States on Opening Weekend! The brand new Season 3 of Pathfinder Society has begun and we’re going to debut it in Quincy on October 2nd. We moved the September Conclave of the Absalom Lodge back a week so we could be part of their big opening weekend. We have the two new Intros to Pathfinder Society on tap along with the Beginner Box. Not only that, but I sought permission for this Conclave to be a special RSP event which means players and GMs will earn bonus Achievement Points (AcP) to use on purchasing ancestries, boons, magic items, and spells that they can use in game sessions. The only way to earn them is to play and or run PFS2 sanctioned content, so October 2nd will be either your first chance to do so or your next chance!

I’ve got the Warhorn set up already for this special Conclave. I really want to emphasize the importance of signing up for seats on Warhorn. There will be other games being played on October 2nd and table space is going to be a priority. The players who are signed up on Warhorn will have guaranteed seats at the tables. I have to let the proprietors know how many tables we are going to have so they can plan around them for the other games. We are going to be working the bugs out regarding table space in the store for a month or so in order to maximize the number of people who can play. At this time, we are hoping to get four tables to fill in each slot since it is opening weekend. The fourth table will enable us to seat anyone who is a walk-in and wants to play Pathfinder.


I’ve got a lot of news coming over the next month but will put that in more posts. Let me just toss some bullet points in right now.

Two new classes available for playtesting starting next week! (September 20th-October 26th)

Changes to the way Absalom Lodge does Chronicle Sheets. Hello, RPG Chronicles!

News from Gen Con Live!

Be sure to watch this blog for the news!

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