The Undead are on the Loose at the October 23rd Conclave

Greetings and Happy Halloween to all Adventurers Near and Far! It’s time for our annual Halloween themed Conclave hosted by the Absalom Lodge of Quincy. On Saturday, October 23rd we will offer three scenarios that have a horror element of some kind in them along with the first scenario of Season 3’s metaplot. That one ties into one of the horror themed scenarios, so keep that in mind when you schedule your gaming. Again, Conclave will be at Quincy’s newest game store, Tri-States Games & Hobbies. Here is the Warhorn signup page. Please use it as it helps us plan games.

First up in the noon slot is a Season 1 classic, PFS2 1-03 Escaping the Grave (1-4). We ran this one two years ago, so very few of our players got to experience it. It was one of my favorite scenarios to run and I hope players enjoy it as much as I did this month. Also in the noon slot is the PFS2 3-01 Intro: Year of Shattered Sanctuaries which introduces everyone to the Season 3 metaplot. It is a repeatable 1-4, so everyone will get a chance to play many of their characters in this one over time. I expect to see it played several times over the next year as it is a pretty good adventure for new players.

The 5:00 PM slot will feature two more horror themed scenarios. The 1-4 scenario PFS2 3-02 The East Hill Haunting has this blurb: With pressure mounting against the legal claim on one of their lodges, the Society sends a group of heroes to assist in the defense. Arriving in the Andoran city of Almas, the PCs quickly find themselves doing far more than paperwork when a ghostly specter seemingly accuses the Pathfinder Society of some heinous act. Forced to investigate the ghost’s appearance, it’s up to the PCs to figure out the truth behind the message and what is really going with the so-called “East Hill Haunting”.

Not to be outdone, we will offer the first 3-6 tier scenario to be ran at Conclave for Second Edition, 1-13 Devil at the Crossroads. This one is a great murder mystery as the blurb tells us: The Sarkoris Scar still aches from the recently closed Worldwound, but that hasn’t stopped the Pathfinder Society and their allies in the Farheavens Clan from maintaining their efforts to reclaim the Sarkorians’ ancestral homelands. At a trading post near the southern border of the Sarkoris Scar, the PCs meet their contact from the Farheavens but not all is as it seems. The PCs and their allies will need to unravel the twisted skeins of an infernal plot if they have any hope of avoiding becoming the next victims of a fiendish spirit. This adventure was concepted at Paizo’s Adventure Design Workshop panel during GenCon 2019. Just to give you an FYI: I was part of the audience at this panel where our suggestions helped guide the development of the scenario. TBH, I had next to no impact at all on the overall development other than voting on some decisions which did make it into the scenario from what I remember.

We had one of our largest crowds to play at a Conclave on October 2nd as we helped Eddie and Toni open Tri-States. Thanks to all who came to play or just stopped in. It was wonderful to see so many of our friends whom we had not been able to adventure with in the last year and a half. We want to see you again on October 23rd and we also want to see those of you who could not make it on the 2nd. There are so many adventurers in the lodge and it will be really wild when most of us can make it to Conclave on the same day.

That said, we need GMs! If you have ever considered GMing, the time to sit in the GM’s chair has arrived. We actually had 3 tables running in the noon slot on the 2nd with two of them completely full. We have to avoid GM burnout, so we need six or seven GMs so we can rotate among them and offer several tables at each Conclave. If you are interested, we are running 3-01 in Hannibal on October 21st where we will have two experienced GMs running two tables. You could ask questions, get advice, and get to play the scenario before running it on the 23rd. I would love to schedule a few extra tables of 3-01 for the 23rd, but need GMs to do it. If you want to volunteer, please contact me via e-mail so we can get you set up.

As the image says, there will be a GM Academy that will help GMs learn more about the finer parts of GMing Pathfinder Society sessions along with the paperwork on reporting the tables for GM and player credit. This has been something several people have asked me about, so I am building it and plan to offer it during my holiday break period. We will break down a Pathfinder 2e scenario into its components and explore how to prepare and run it followed by completing chronicle sheets and reporting the game on

Some quick notes on Society play! Both Guns & Gears and Lost Omens: The Grand Bazaar had their street releases today. At this time, neither book is sanctioned for legal Society play. There are some items that need to be resolved by the staff before the books are cleared for Society play. Don’t worry, the classes are fine and will be legal before long. There are just some items that are the problem.

Finally, there is an active Playtest for the Dark Archive Playtest. Players can play the Psychic or Thaumaturge playtest classes until October 29th. Paizo would like you to do this and to give feedback on your experiences. Feel free to make up one of these characters and use it at this Conclave!

Okay, that’s a lot of information as usual. We really hope to see you at the Conclave on October 23rd in Quincy at Tri-States. Get a hold of me if you want to GM because we need you so we can grow the Society in Quincy. Just in case you are scared of the idea of GMing, watch this video. I did and I agree with this fellow a lot based on my 42 years of gaming experience.

Don’t forget to sign up on Warhorn!

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